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I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

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  • New Pie Cutter

    New Pie Cutter

    Welcome to the Season 8 Premiere, “New Pie Cutter” In this episode, “New Pie Cutter” which is a kind of smorgasbord episode, we celebrate the…


  • Can You Eat Blood?

    Can You Eat Blood?

    Welcome to “Can You Eat Blood?” the first episode after a break for a few weeks. I had trigeminal neuralgia face pain, so I took…


  • God Of Thunder

    God Of Thunder

    Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season 7. Episode 31, “God Of Thunder” The provided text seems to be a collection of various…


  • What’s Really Going On

    What’s Really Going On

    In “What’s Really Going On”, John discusses the challenges he’s been facing with his children, particularly their lack of cooperation He shares the stress and…


  • Multifaceted Discourse

    Multifaceted Discourse

    In “Multifaceted Discourse” John discusses various topics and gives shout-outs. Here’s a summary of the episode: The humorous and diverse “Multifaceted Discourse” delves into a…


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