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I’m going to a new place

Things are changing, from my home bookstore to the restaurants I’ll eat at. I feel positive about it, but I’m having anxiety in the face of so much change.

I think what I mean by “home bookstore” is the bookstore where I’ll go most often, every week or so.

moving to san leandro

After two of my friends message me I realize that with my move to San Leandro, my support group will evolve. Which I manage not to mention in the episode, is totally scary!

I recorded most of the episode in the backyard, mostly off-the-cuff. The audio track features airplanes and windchimes.

STAY TUNED for extended shout-outs.

We son some awards.

Bad news first: the kids are bad, they run away.

Hoppin Hot Sauce won some awards.

This week’s episode takes place in a cable car.

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