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  • I saw the surgeon who performed my microvascular decompression surgery.
  • I went to my Ukrainian dentist a couple of weeks ago, she is the one I called, “The Iron Curtain.” 
  • I am not in trigeminal neuralgia pain anymore , and my life has changed for the better.
  • Now that I can shave my face, I’ve been wearing a mustache.
  • I am a lot happier.

Still under lockdown. Touching base with the podcast, stirring the pot.

  • John John broke the power button on my computer so it’s at the tech support
  • In a week it will be six months of the coronavirus shutdown
  • Shout out to Brian and Katie
  • Mom’s birthday today. Oysters and cake
  • 4th week of school
  • Backgammon
  • The comic garage 10 comics a month 21.99
  • Spanish posters, letters, numbers, colors, feelings
  • Maps of the world
  • English motivational kindness posters about being a buddy not a bully

Disabled voices are just like regular voices, just like anybody. Using our voice makes it stronger, and it’s doubly true for disabled people who’ve been disenfranchised, and hidden away, and censored.

podcast episode cover
podcast episode cover

Compounded trauma is when things make us upset, because they remind us of traumatic situations that we’ve experienced before, causing us to relive them.

When I feel this way, naming the feelings I am having, and explicitly connecting them, can be a way to overcome them.

The thing is, my wife likes creepy stuff. I don’t like watching surgery. When the scalpels come out, I check out of the movie.

Thank you for tuning in to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast. This episode is about compounded trauma, reliving trauma, traumatic experiences that we’ve had, and just living and multiplying, compounding them, living them over and over again.

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