wtmwm s3 e12

  • i awoke up this morning to a familiar nausea. i’d forgotten to take my pills the night before.
  • still can’t get it straight. got me thinkin’….
  • this podcast – like me – is disabled.  not only a podcast about disability or adversity, CHALLENGES or perserverance, this podcast itself is disabled
  • maybe i shouldn’t call it a podcast. but, it’s too late
  • something not quite right. am i doing it wrong?
  • cycles – recently, i’ve become waylaid in a cycle that whipsaws between extreme pain and prescription withdrawal.
    No way out and no room for podcasting
  • what does success look like? we’ve established in previous episodes that it won’t ever stop and won’t ever quit
  • this is the hand of cards thats been dealt and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. got to be honest about that and put it out there right off the top.
  • nothing to turn away from. in fact, something beautiful is here.
  • what is this podcast for? it isn’t to be like the rest, to follow best practices. It can’t be.
  • this is a testament, like any artists body of work, using for my studio
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