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Film review: “Sweet Bean” (2015)

Working While Disabled

This time on the Disabled Culture blog, we’ll discuss Sweet Bean, a thoughtful film about a disabled person trying to work, very important subject to me as I am a disabled business owner and I spend all my time trying to work in the face of limitations that my multiple sclerosis disability places around me, as well as the perceptions of my partners, co-workers, and customers.

It was part of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. She is different, but she’s very good at her job. Still, her difference causes people to stay away.

sweet bean

There are some very powerful moments such as when she is hired, or when we learn about her life at home, or when we meet her friends. All in all, the film suffers from some sentimentality but the story and filmmaking are thought-provoking. Check it out on Netflix.


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