What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

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  • Arte Povera

    Arte Povera

    In “Arte Povera,” Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham hits the skatepark in his WCMX wheelchair, we learn how to pronounce ‘arte povera’ and MS plays third wheel. Shout out @aaronwheelz WCMX GETTIN’ RAD Arte Povera Selfie Famous Quotations: Edison & Rakim When you have explored all possibilities, remember this – you haven’t. Thomas Edison Cats are big…

  • God Of Thunder

    God Of Thunder

    Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season 7. Episode 31, “God Of Thunder” The provided text seems to be a collection of various unrelated topics and updates, including shoutouts, a fundraiser for KFJC, an art acquisition by SFMOMA, the outcome of a baseball game, discussions about tucking in a t-shirt, an exploration of…

  • Chew On That

    Chew On That

    Welcome to “Chew On That”, an episode about new music, barbecues, and the cultural differences between cafes and diners Best Sauce Check it out: Hoppin Hot Sauce is on Amazon News flash:It’s the best sauce In the world Big Up Listener Boom Roasted Trip to the Cathedral Ritual Hazing Absent Father Sausages On Display MUSIC…

  • Happy New Yeast

    Happy New Yeast

    Welcome to “Happy New Yeast” on the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast In this episode, autocorrect keeps messing with me. After almost two years, I’ll get new teeth on Friday. I drove myself to KFJC and did a lot of cooking. Buck Wild Live on KFJC Misadventures In Autocorrect Plastic Tones Doin’ drop off…

  • Midwestern Concepts

    Midwestern Concepts

    Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast, “Midwestern Concepts” Continuing my transition away from the protracted intense pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia that my successful rhizotomy has brought me. In this episode, I explore Midwestern Concepts such as the work of the artist Marc Fischer and holding a listener appreciation party/convention at a hotel ballroom…