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Welcome to the Season 8 Premiere, “New Pie Cutter”

In this episode, “New Pie Cutter” which is a kind of smorgasbord episode, we celebrate the new year, the new season, the new theme song. People get ready, the new episode is here and ready for liftoff.

Shout outs


  • Shout out to the sandman
  • Contact me on the contact form to get a shout out
    • Maybe the best shout out you’ll ever have, or that anyone’ll ever have

New Pie Cutter

  • To avoid a repeat of this year’s thanksgiving gorefest, I ordered a metal pie cutter on ebay, with a stainless steel blade and a silver handle –
  • it’s here and it’s beautiful and sturdy

Dinner a la GoGo

  • GoGo has limitations as a dating service
  • an awkward seating arrangement
  • at least they got a name change

TV burial

  • bought a big new tv bc mine crapped out after 15 years

What’s causing it

  • Dad butt dialed me again and he was like well. what happens is,I keep my phone in my back pocket, i think i butt dialed you


  • I will try to eat cheese no matter how old it is just to see
  • A pint is a pound the world around

Correct Technique

swallowing heads
correct and incorrect swallowing techniques
  • Swallow while staring at your sternum
  • I learned it from Koko

Wheelchair Fake News

riding in the park
With my son
  • parts on my wheelchair broke in airline baggage
  • “jazzy passport is discontinued”
  • and other lies the wheelchair salesman told me


  • making memes
  • yogurt marinade
  1. Mix 1 cup yogurt, 2 tsp Hoppin Hot Sauce, and 1.5 tsp salt
  2. Pour over 8 boneless chicken thighs and rest for at least four and up to twentyfour hours
  3. Grill and eat over rice with some white sauce and extra hot sauce to taste

AI Guy

  • I posted a picture of myself that was made by AI and I put it as my story and a lot of people haven’t heard from in a long time contacted me and maybe didn’t realize the picture was not of me but it was a hallucination by AI


  • the triage nurse at the hospital asked me if i used to be a wrestler



In “What’s Really Going On”, John discusses the challenges he’s been facing with his children, particularly their lack of cooperation

He shares the stress and difficulty he experiences in trying to handle this situation, about the frustration of dealing with his son’s behavior and the impact it has on their daily routines. He expresses his hope for a resolution and mentions that it’s the 30th episode of his podcast this year.

The episode discusses various topics, including John’s family life, his children’s behavior, his creative work with Hoppin Hot Sauce, and his experiences at a drum and bass show.

Forming a rock band

What I meant when I said that the fans of What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast could change the course of history is that there’s enough of them to form a rock band

Coffee Annual Deep Cleaning

We took the coffee machine in to get serviced

Pile of Sticks

All of my walking sticks are bent or otherwise unusable and I have them in a pile in the corner. I called in the warranty for one of them, and the replacement will come on Monday.

Drum and bass

I went to the drum and bass show at the Golden Gate Park Bandshell in my wheelchair


Kind of a milestone: I submitted poetry to ten publications. It’s probably just the beginning.

Hot Sauce

Hoppin Hot Sauce Original Flavor
Check Out Hoppin Hot Sauce On Amazon

Making a new production of Hoppin Hot Sauce, getting everything ready

What’s really going on

My son is driving me wild, and my daughter is watching and learning

John discusses the challenges he’s been facing with his children, their lack of cooperation in doing homework. He shares the stress and difficulty he experiences in trying to handle this situation, and the frustration of dealing with their behavior and the impact it has on their daily routines. He expresses his hope for resolution and a good night’s sleep.

Fourth of July cover
Going places in my chair- Hit my head again- Barbecue using the tray method- The Pepper Show is back.

Welcome to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast, “Fourth of July”

In this episode, we take stock of the busy Fourth of July holiday week that was full of wheelchair rolls, head injuries and new grilling setups. Plus, we got a new Pepper Show!

  • Statistical shout outs to places far and wide and thick and thin where people listen to the show.
  • Have you heard of the disorder where people take s**** in their sleep? Yeah it’s called sleep crapnea.
  • While I was copying that down my wife was like, “You can’t say that, it has swearing in it.” I was like “Yes I can, I’ll bleep it.” And then she was like, “You have to leave the ‘sh’ sound otherwise people won’t know what word it is.” I was like “I can do that!” And then she said, “Would you please turn off the light?” I said, “Would you please let me write down this f****** joke!”
  • July 1- Fell and hit my head on the house, like in the old episode It’s Fall. I ordered replacement tips for my stick from REI
  • July 2- I went to a wedding in my chair, and then I went to the reception in my brace.
  • July 3- I shopped at Urban Ore in my chair. I went to get lunch at the fried chicken sandwich place and the guy who was next in line had me cut in front of him and I accepted. But then I started to feel weird about the people after him.
  • July 4- On the 4th I went to San Jose to my parents’ block party where I rode my wheelchair. My mom told me she was happy I was there and that I was in my chair taking it easy. It wasn’t much of a barbecue- I didn’t have anything that was grilled. We had chile verde
  • July 5- I barbecued a redo of the 4th of July by grilling hot dogs, bratwurst, and corn. A new method using aluminum trays, yielded positive results and the kids gave it positive reviews. For dessert, we had apple pie.
  • I recorded the Pepper Show and the vibe is more or less soft in the head. But at least I did it. I can do a better one next time.

This Week’s Selfie:

fourth of july selfie
I got out the cowboy hat because why not? YOLO
I was on kcbs cover
A reporter for KCBS News reached out and interviewed me about supply chain, multiple sclerosis, and Hoppin Hot Sauce.

Welcome to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season Six, Episode 21 “I was on KCBS”

The media onslaught continues!! You might remember that on last week’s episode, I made the paper here in San Leandro. A reporter for KCBS News reached out and interviewed me about supply chain, MS, and Hoppin Hot Sauce. Check it out:

Also in this week’s episode:

  • NBA Finals One-handed basketball player Hansel Emmanuel Gatorade commercial
  • My knee is feeling better and stronger, and I haven’t been taking any drugs for it because it’s basically fine. Still, I’m not walking that well over all
  • I went to Walmart to get propane tanks for the grill and it was an ordeal getting around the huge store.
  • Last week, I put my shirt in the wash and I took a sad gray t-shirt selfie instead. I apologize for appearing so dour and for the bait and switch.
  • We went to west coast craft at Fort Mason in SF. It was a pretty crowded event with lots of cool beach towels and other things. As I rolled around in my chair, I was at butt level.
  • Lamps there were $5, 6, 12, 13 & 19 hundred dollars.
  • On eBay there are a lot of cool old lamps for less than $100 – used or not, an old lamp makes new light
  • Koko’s birthday party was well attended, she felt celebrated and she got a lot of presents
  • It made John John mad with envy and reduced him to a blubbering sniveling wreck
  • As a consolation prize, he made the all star team in baseball. The game is this weekend. He’ll get a t-shirt

dall e mini made strange radios that look like like a bottle of hot sauce and a bizarre faceless all-star baseball team

  • I was interviewed on kcbs news radio
  • KCBS is so big that the weather report is basically useless. I got to give my message about being a disabled person and going for it anyways.
  • We tried a new truck, the Tacos el grullo truck in East Oakland. I had 3 al pastor tacos. The street had cars swerving to avoid potholes and Scrap metal
  • Last episode I played “Ian” from last year to end the episode.

Here’s this week’s selfie:

This week’s selfie isn’t so dour

Thank you for listening to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast

Catch you next time!

In the new episode of What’s The Matter With Me?, “I Made The Paper,” I did just that

I made the paper! We were in the San Leandro Times last week. My kids loved it, it’s good for business, and you know me, I love getting myself out there and in front of people. The best is when I can demonstrate how people with MS can accomplish their goals.

I Made The Paper cover
“(He) has multiple sclerosis which he says makes it difficult to work in a kitchen environment. ‘But that didn’t stop me from cooking,’ Hoppin said.”
  • Shout outs to Katie
  • Shout outs to Brian who wrote me about hunting animals with his rifle,. ” […] if you give a man a fish he is hungry again in an hour. If you teach him to catch a fish you do him a good turn.” Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie’s (1837–1919) novel, Mrs. Dymond (1885)
  • Shout outs to Kevin, he bought Wet Leg and he was feelin it. He has stuff screwed into his jaw like I do. He was digging on the music segment
  • years is playing the ivy room in Albany in a couple of weeks. I think they are the opening band, I would like to go
I made the paper
  • I received notice from fedex that the kitchen has my labels
  • Got the ring Device for the door so I can see whether or not to answer it- it’s like having a new accessibility device
Questioning the official narrative
On Mars
  • on mars legal id
  • I worked out twice
  • Being a competitive disabled person is an awkward because you want to win at everything but you can’t do anything.
  • it is a total pain, but I’m pretty sure that i could take you if i had a shot. lets play mastermind or reversi, backgammon chess or quarters
  • we used to play quarters outside of Greenpoint tavern: stand on the curb and throw your quarters toward the wall. whoever gets closest to the wall without touching it wins all the quarters
  • Koko graduated from kindergarten today and I went. I wore a tie-dyed pink blue and yellow cabana bowling shirt
Greetings from hot sauce headquarters- the cabana shirt is in the wash
birthday special cover
It’s the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Birthday Special Episode, featuring Elon Musk, Chowhound & chicken sandwiches

Thanks for tuning in to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast “Birthday Special”

My birthday is coming up so let’s have a Birthday Special episode that’s mostly about chicken sandwiches and twitter. Are you all strapped in? Great- let’s get to the rundown:!

  • It’s going to be my birthday next week and I want to go to eat at a Korean restaurant that was sold last year.. Instagram says it looks the same, but there’s no BBQ in the pictures.
  • Instead, it looks like I’m going to have a fried chicken sandwich for lunch on my birthday
  • Chowhound is gone and the internet is useless without it
  • The sink in my kitchen is out of order, my birthday is coming up and these were the reasons I needed Chowhound
  • Thank god for our cooking group
  • You get out what you put into life, reggae sing lyric
  • “I’m a cat” Twitter recap
  • Elon Musk is one of the the richest people in the world and he is named after a smell, and it’s not really a good one
  • My son heard some dancehall reggae on the radio and he asked is this yentelman ?
  • Shout out to my neighbor who thinks Hoppin Hot Sauce should be in a hickory farms gift Box
  • People come up to me all the time asking if they can help me
  • Civil inattention
  • Mind your own business
  • Dammit I’m mad is dammit I’m mad backwards so don’t be mad, you’re wasting your own time
Affinity Group Hang cover

We had a Sunday itinerary- birthday party, BBQ and baseball practice. I am accessing my affinity group.

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me Podcast Season 6, Episode 11 “Affinity Group Hang,” There’s lots of things going on. I’m getting out there, even further out than I was already.

  • West Elm couch backordered until August
  • The liquor store is out of things too
  • Shout outs to Kevin in Wisconsin
    • I’ve only got anecdotal info on a stem cell treatment for a friend of a friend who had pretty severe MS. He had the stem cell treatment and was feeling great for a while, but it’s been a few years and his condition has worsened.
    • I don’t usually do something unless my doctor recommends it, because there are so many different things that people recommend that it’s pretty hard to make heads or tails of it
  • Shout outs to Brook, and to Eric & Tracy who listened to the thing on a drive, they binged it
  • Reminder to think hard about putting pee stuff in the headline
  • Ran hella errands yesterday
  • I went to the nursery with Juan and got blue fescue & abutilon
  • A movie with Daniel Day-Lewis at is a movie about a smart person
  • My recumbent bicycle is set up and I am riding it
  • When they go high, we go low
  • Sunday itinerary- birthday party, BBQ and baseball practice. The whole day was like a giant “Affinity Group Hang.” I am accessing my community
  • Shout outs to Ted Purves
episode cover

Wee Man Strikes A Chord

PLUS, disabled punks, Agnes Martin, choriço, Botox and The Red House (1947)

Infusion, short roll, little league, Temporary Services, Sunday sauce
  • We went to marina park and rode the chair around. cut too short- kids played on a zipline & swings
  • I had a runny nose and tons of sneezing yesterday and looked up, “is a runny nose a symptom of coronavirus?” and it said yes it was
  • The steroids they gave me at my infusion helped the pinched nerve in my neck
  • Randy, the disabled practitioner. (It’s not my first time working with a disabled practitioner- see “New AFO Brace”)
  • Temporary Services’ Book Waste Book
  • Spanish Wordle hole in one
  • Ate Sunday sauce and it was too rich.. it wrecked me
  • Heard a Mississippi records special on the radio. “portland art museum”
  • give thanks and praise that I may be able to produce Hoppin Hot Sauce
  • Donate to your local nonprofit community radio station- get a t shirt
  • Wee Man had friends

Everything is receding like the ocean after the wave has crashed and it’s pulling your feet. The gym, hot sauce, supply chain- things are in recession.

Everything is receding like the ocean after the wave has crashed and it’s pulling your feet. The gym, hot sauce, supply chain- things are in recession.