What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

I went back to the gym and only some people wore masks. Guess who? PLUS, Dad Bod Rap Pod, “People With Disabilities” movie review.

The time has come for the entertainment industry to audition and cast actors with disabilities to play leading roles portraying disability… American society no longer finds it acceptable for white actors to play black, Asian or Hispanic characters. It is equally unacceptable and offensive for able-bodied actors to be cast… in the roles of characters with disabilities.

Jay Ruderman, President of the Ruderman Family Foundation
  • People are likers
  • I’m getting my #7 and #9 teeth extracted and posts put in tomorrow. I’m freaked out
  • Dad Bod Rap Pod, a hiphop podcast from San Jose, held a record swap in East Side San Jose
  • A streaming “People With Disabilities” section leads me to think about representation in movies
  • I went back to the gym and wore a single-use paper mask


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