What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

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Welcome to “A Pint Is A Pound” on the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast


  • A pint is a pound the world around

Kids Are Gaslighting Me

poisonous chemicals and vomit
What my car smells like
  • My kids say I smell like poisonous chemicals
  • They say my car smells like vomit
  • They are the only people to vomit in my car, and I used cleaner to clean it up, so this is gaslighting and I should threaten them with cancellation

Know Your Cobbler

Ancestral Lands

  • My family went off to Japan

Getting The Most Of Zing’s Spring Sale

  • On the last day of their spring sale, I put in Zingerman’s cheese order number 2, for parmigiano reggiano & gouda
  • It’s been a good spring with delicious cheese

Reading About Disability

Life and times of Sonny

  • Sonny Rollins has been released from jail, gone to Kentucky for the cure, joined Brown-Roach Inc., and recorded Tenor Madness

March Theme Song Candidate

  • Theme song candidate “Song V”

The Scary Neighbor

  • Fedex guy brought the wrong package, and it was for my neighbor across the street
  • I opened it because I thought it was the new cheese
  • So I loaded it into my wheelchair and went over there

Birds of prey

  • At the owl cafe

Bachelor life

  • Keeping the metal food bowl full of chicken sausage tomato pasta
  • Watching the Warriors win important games and missing my family

Travel Handle

Suction cup grab bar seems to be missing the crucial element of stability, but on the other hand, it’s a cool novelty item and it might even work a little bit

RIP Sakamoto

  • RIP Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, he made pretty cool music for The Revenant along with myriad othter films, games, and projects


  • Parents came over. Mom scooped the litter. Dave helped me go fill the propane tanks. We got a baguette and 2 cookies

Endorsed By No One

  • The thing about Orthotic Footwear is that it is not endorsed by anyone. Except doctors

Walking Badly

  • Tiger Woods walking badly at the Masters
  • ESPN’s Michael Wilbon said he didn’t want to see Tiger moving this way, but I wonder how much that will matter to him

This Week’s Selfie

The world around


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