What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

Multifaceted Discourse


In “Multifaceted Discourse” John discusses various topics and gives shout-outs. Here’s a summary of the episode:

The humorous and diverse “Multifaceted Discourse” delves into a smorgasbord of subjects, with the usual touch of self-deprecating charm.

Being a jazz vocalist is a real thing

We saw Kurt Elling & Charlie Hunter at Yoshi’s, where they always have a great accessible seating setup

It was cool to see a jazz vocalist headliner; they scat on every song

Bow Down

John dishes out shout-outs, paying homage to a variety of individuals, and even reflects on reaching a milestone 201st episode.

Shout out to slartibartfast who loves the production

Shout out to Jersey girl, who ideated the blind musicians kfjc special

Shout out to Nathan Mary tibby & butters who wrote in to Let me know, this is my 201st episode

Shout out to the sandman who said “it’s good and reassuring that AI cannot describe your show. Your show is about a specific human experience. I am glad that AI does not understand that yet, it means we still have time”

Onus Removed?

This could be a moment to rethink the A.D.A.’s framework. The Justice Department could take a larger role in enforcing the law, and Congress could amend the statute to give businesses a window to correct violations.

Evelyn Clark

We nearly take a thought-provoking turn reading The New York Times’ article, “It’s Time to Rethink the Americans With Disabilities Act,” shedding light on disability-related discussions.

Always Protect Yourself

A viewing of the film “Million Dollar Baby”; delving into thoughts on body limitations and the pursuit of perfection.

As Lennard Davis himself has written, “what is universal in life, if there are universals, is the experience of the limitations of the body”. Yet in films like Million Dollar Baby, and seemingly in every other ideological corner, we confront what Davis calls a “fantasy…of the perfection of the body and its activities”. We cannot step into this ring alone.

Jay Dolmage &William DeGenaro, Ph.D.


The episode then takes a poetic turn, inspired by Joe Imwalle. I’ve submitted my poetry around to some places and that’s a lot of fun and disheartening, but I’m more having fun with it.

Still need a lift

Wheelchair lift issues are ongoing.

Book Rundown

Book reviews include “2021 Best Sports Writing” anthology, Brandon Taylor’s “The Late Americans” and “Biography of a Phantom” by Mack McCormick.

Letting AI sum up

“Multifaceted Discourse” is a delightful blend of humor, insight, and intrigue.


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