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I said something ableist to someone I admire

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season 6 Episode 32, “Disability Consciousness”

In this episode, I reflect on the time I said something ableist to someone I admire, the drummer in deerhoof, what I might say (or not) now that I’ve spent some time working on my disability consciousness. I hope I might come up with something better. Also, Botox, falling and the first law of success, “Do You!”

Disability Consciousness

  • One time I ate with deerhoof and I said something ableist 
  • Because I didn’t yet have disability consciousness

How it is in Hayward

  • How it is in Hayward across from El Pollo Loco…
  • It’s weird when the Garden Center is a cinderblock building with no windows


  • rip gorbachev – gorby – commie pinko
  • rip chowhound


  • I had Botox
  • It’s a lot of injections

Shout Outs

  • shout outs to Kevin at Under the cowl of MS. He mentioned What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast and Hoppin Hot Sauce in one of his YouTube videos. Kevin reviews comic books
  • Williams Sonoma reordered Hoppin Hot Sauce for the western region
  • Mention Hoppin Hot Sauce and What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast in any and all settings
  • shout outs rocky and claude hopper for technical support- as always, if you see something say something

Do You


  • I have been falling a lot. One time I was flicking the switch in the bathroom and i ended up facing the wall with my back to the toilet

Deerhoof Show

  • I want to go see deerhoof in San Jose at the ritz in October, on october 22
  • Should I take my wheelchair?
  • Do you want to meet me there?
  • They are playing San Francisco the night b4 but I like going to things in San Jose

Black T Shirt

  • I had Botox
  • It’s quite a lot of injections
  • The nurse talks to you and the doctors say “123 poke”
  • In my trapezius- shoulder area, in my pectoral area, in my bicep and forearm
  • Of course I was wearing a white tee shirt not a black one
  • Note to self: wear a black t shirt for Botox
  • The injections get stronger over a week and then they last about 6 weeks before trailing off
  • I showed them my puppet video In the kitchen
Happy Birthday Nathan

I said something

  • One time I ate with deerhoof and i said something ableist
  • I didn’t have disability consciousness
    • one time I ate brunch with the member of deerhoof at a cafe called Brown on the lower East Side
    • I was dating a woman who knew them
    • The drummer appeared to have something like torrette’s syndrome
    • He said things and made sounds and physical motions that were Kind of like tourettes
    • I didn’t have a lot of disability consciousness back then
    • I think I asked him, “Hey man, what’s wrong with you?”
    • The guitar player was also there and he just giggled
    • It was awkward
    • I had lived with someone already who had Tourette’s syndrome so I recognized the signs but lacked disability consciousness to form my question properly
    • I think if I had it over again I would probably not ask anything
    • Or I could say what I observed, like something like, “I notice that you are moving a lot and making sounds.”
    • And maybe that would be enough to get whatever answer I felt that I needed
    • It’s kind of like asking someone that you observed many rolls of flesh and pendulous thighs and expecting them to tell you they’re fat.
    • I certainly wouldn’t ask him Hey man what’s wrong with you
    • I think if I had it over I wouldn’t ask him anything

This Week’s Selfie:

bullies and botox cover
My son is getting bullied and I had botox. Plus, the Sam Kinison Auto Parts Jingle

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season Six, Episode 19, “Bullies and Botox.”

  • Shout outs to mom who drove me to Botox and nagged me the whole time. But, she apologized, and said she liked the Why Be Normal? episode
  • Trigger warning: At the end, I’ll do all the stuff about needles.
  • You’ll be half an hour closer to death when this episode is finished
  • My son is interacting with some bullies at school and he mentioned that he is glad they didn’t know I have MS or they’d bully him more
  • I worked out again
  • I wore shorts in San Leandro for the first time since I moved here
  • I said Guy Clarke‘s name wrong in the last episode, instead I said Guy Davis the blues revivalist actor guitarist- so I sampled myself saying Guy Clark and overwrote it. Did you catch that?
  • The girlfriend in M. Night Shyamalan’s movie “Old” had multiple sclerosis
  • I created the Sam Kinison auto parts jingle
    • You can’t do things like that everyday
  • We used to call an influencer a cult leader
  • Classical music singers could say ‘yo’ instead of ‘ha’
  • I’m trying to come with pure chime energy! I hope you think someone is at your door when you’re listening to this
  • The homie Sto got in the New York Times
  • I had Botox in my trapezoid, pectoral, bicep, forearm, wrist and thumb areas and when they did my thumb they sprayed my thumb with cold stuff at the same time as the injection
  • That was similar to the periodontist spraying my soft palate with capsaicin when they injected it with Novocain
“Bullets and Botox” Production Selfie