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Welcome to “Hit My Head On The Bed”, an episode unlike any other about unwelcome interactions with a solid bedframe, children’s birthdays, and walking the beat. PLUS a new theme song candidate faster than any others.

Frame Very Solid

  • I fell and hit my head on the wood bedframe

Child’s Birthday

  • It’s my sons birthday tomorrow
  • On the weekend, he is going with a few friends to see the new Mission Impossible

Movie Theater Bars, Part One

  • I bet they make whiskey sours with Jim Beam White Label at the bar

Just In Time

  • Hit the corner on my current phone and then it starts transcribing what is said and it does a pretty good job
  • I am figuring out the accessibility controls on my phone just as I am about to change to a new phone
  • I am an environmentalist so i throw away my trash
  • Technology has too many layers of microphones
  • By the time I figure out how it works, I need a new phone

Bike shop

  • we went to the bike store in the neighborhood and got my son a bike
  • we live next to the ride around the lake
  • the shop makes custom road bikes that are too nice for a ten year old

Lost Focus

  • Getting ready, I didn’t stay focused – the kids were fighting – and I didn’t stick the landing and fell getting ready
  • I hit my head on the wooden bed frame
  • I need to get help when I’m trying to get out of the house, but maybe it’s unrealistic to expect it

Walking The Beat

  • My neighbor is a retired police officer
  • He walks a lot and has a a loud voice
  • According to the bike mechanic, we live in the “forgotten zone”
  • He walks the beat all the time and he knows everything that’s happening

Down At The Heel

  • My shoes are trashed
  • I’m looking at billyfootwear.com which is made for people who wear AFO braces
  • I need help figuring out the sizing because the AFO affects what size I am
  • My current shoes are ugly and decrepit
  • The soles are cracked and the uppers have a condition resembling alopecia

Wheelchairiots Of Fire

  • My phone misheard my wheel chair as a wheelchariot and I thought that was pretty rich
  • Good thing I’m not having to fight for my life in ancient Rome

Opening Time

  • what time do they start serving whiskey sours at the movie theater bar

Sun Jam

  • NEW Theme Song Candidate “Sun Jam” maybe the fastest theme song candidate ever

This Week’s Selfie

Hit My Head On The Bed Selfie

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Welcome to “Air Time” on the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast

Across the street they had that place with Coffee & Tea, remember that? It was coffee with a black tea bag in it.

Best Sauce In The World

Stay For The Selfies

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  • Makes No Sense: Is the plural of selfie also selfie?

Air Time

  • KFJC radio is an outlet for neurodiverse people and people with speaking differences and it has been that way for a long time
  • Shout outs to the people who download every episode
  • Watching the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony on ESPN
  • Disabled people can be hard to organize
  • I’m glad they got airtime

New glasses

air time glasses
  • Went to Costco and got new prescription & frames
  • I made Chili with chile de arbol in it

Good For Ex-New Yorkers

Paralyze my muscles

  • I went To the doctor to get botox
  • Botox is cosmetic but also relieves tension, llike spasticity caused by MS

I was embarrassed by my parents too

  • John was embarrassed to have me drop him at camp in my wheelchair

Salad is healthy

  • The internet thinks franks and beans are healthy

Pox on our house

  • Koko has Covid


  • Rollins plays with the Rolling Stones, uncredited, on Tattoo You

Don’t know how

  • I need to sell my car

Early fall

This week’s selfie

Hanging in there
I went for a walk with Koko and I got more than I bargained for

Welcome to Season Six, Episode 33, “Wheelchair Tipped Over

My wheelchair tipped over. I was on a walk with my daughter but it didn’t seem to scare her too much– we went to the swings and she had a good time.

  • My name is John Hoppin, don’t wear it out.
  • My wheelchair tipped over
deplatforming hits home

Death of a Statesman

  • My wife was like, “I don’t think I knew that Gorbachev had died. I was like, “We did that last week. That’s why you need to subscribe to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast. So you don’t miss anything.”
  • Our listeners know about everything

Organic Hellfire

  • I had the worst trigeminal neuralgia pain – from my mouth up to my eye around my eye out to my ear. Spasming organic hellfire that sent me scrambling for more medication and sobbing under the covers.


  • #Cil50 is happening in October at the Berkeley Center For Independent Living.
  • I’m interested to get a booth to promote What’s The Matter With Me? and sell Hoppin hot Sauce to the disabled community.
  • I was at a friend’s house and they were grilling burgers and the podcast came up because we were talking about Cil50


  • Covfefe was covid


It Happened Fast– My Chair Tipped Over

  • My wheelchair tipped over in the park
  • I was counting critters with my daughter Koko and wasn’t paying attention
  • The wheelchair bottomed out when it went off the edge of the concrete where there was a couple inches of gap between the dirt and the concrete
  • I was ejected from the chair and ate it to some degree- just a couple band-aids were needed in the end
  • Bystanders came running and helped me up and got me back in the chair
  • My daughter ran away when the people came running to help me, but she seemed to realize they were helping me. It didn’t seem to scare her too much– we went to the swings and she had a good time.

This week’s selfie:

It was 95 degrees out
I said something ableist to someone I admire

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season 6 Episode 32, “Disability Consciousness”

In this episode, I reflect on the time I said something ableist to someone I admire, the drummer in deerhoof, what I might say (or not) now that I’ve spent some time working on my disability consciousness. I hope I might come up with something better. Also, Botox, falling and the first law of success, “Do You!”

Disability Consciousness

  • One time I ate with deerhoof and I said something ableist 
  • Because I didn’t yet have disability consciousness

How it is in Hayward

  • How it is in Hayward across from El Pollo Loco…
  • It’s weird when the Garden Center is a cinderblock building with no windows


  • rip gorbachev – gorby – commie pinko
  • rip chowhound


  • I had Botox
  • It’s a lot of injections

Shout Outs

  • shout outs to Kevin at Under the cowl of MS. He mentioned What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast and Hoppin Hot Sauce in one of his YouTube videos. Kevin reviews comic books
  • Williams Sonoma reordered Hoppin Hot Sauce for the western region
  • Mention Hoppin Hot Sauce and What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast in any and all settings
  • shout outs rocky and claude hopper for technical support- as always, if you see something say something

Do You


  • I have been falling a lot. One time I was flicking the switch in the bathroom and i ended up facing the wall with my back to the toilet

Deerhoof Show

  • I want to go see deerhoof in San Jose at the ritz in October, on october 22
  • Should I take my wheelchair?
  • Do you want to meet me there?
  • They are playing San Francisco the night b4 but I like going to things in San Jose

Black T Shirt

  • I had Botox
  • It’s quite a lot of injections
  • The nurse talks to you and the doctors say “123 poke”
  • In my trapezius- shoulder area, in my pectoral area, in my bicep and forearm
  • Of course I was wearing a white tee shirt not a black one
  • Note to self: wear a black t shirt for Botox
  • The injections get stronger over a week and then they last about 6 weeks before trailing off
  • I showed them my puppet video In the kitchen
Happy Birthday Nathan

I said something

  • One time I ate with deerhoof and i said something ableist
  • I didn’t have disability consciousness
    • one time I ate brunch with the member of deerhoof at a cafe called Brown on the lower East Side
    • I was dating a woman who knew them
    • The drummer appeared to have something like torrette’s syndrome
    • He said things and made sounds and physical motions that were Kind of like tourettes
    • I didn’t have a lot of disability consciousness back then
    • I think I asked him, “Hey man, what’s wrong with you?”
    • The guitar player was also there and he just giggled
    • It was awkward
    • I had lived with someone already who had Tourette’s syndrome so I recognized the signs but lacked disability consciousness to form my question properly
    • I think if I had it over again I would probably not ask anything
    • Or I could say what I observed, like something like, “I notice that you are moving a lot and making sounds.”
    • And maybe that would be enough to get whatever answer I felt that I needed
    • It’s kind of like asking someone that you observed many rolls of flesh and pendulous thighs and expecting them to tell you they’re fat.
    • I certainly wouldn’t ask him Hey man what’s wrong with you
    • I think if I had it over I wouldn’t ask him anything

This Week’s Selfie:

Misunderstanding at the bathroom

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season Six, Episode 31, “Conference Call On Steroids”

In this episode, the lady was pretty loud on the phone when she hosted her conference call on steroids.


Misunderstanding at the bathroom

  • misunderstanding Using the bathroom at Trader vics
  • The bathroom at Embarcadero/ Ferry building
    • john john sat in the wheelchair

I’m woozy

  • Since I increased dosage, I’ve been falling a lot
  • I reluctantly cut back to one glass of wine at dinner
  • Jacques Pepin met his wife Gloria Evelyn Augier in 1966 when he was a ski instructor in 1966. she died on December 5, 2020. a Saturday
  • stopping at 1 allows me to get up by myself if I should fall
  • I had a couple glasses of champagne when Emily came over and then I fell
  • TN update: still feeling it, taking an extra pill every 6 hours. surgery scheduled for 9/22
  • Its making me woozy
  • Selfies are giving me beauty anxiety


  • Had infusion with steroids and benadryl
  • My wife drove me

Conference Call On Steroids

Maybe the lady thought she was quieter than she actually was.

  • The infusion center is divided into stalls. Maybe a dozen. There are only 1 or 2 private rooms
  • The lady next to me was leading a conference call. I have seen a lot of people talk on the phone and have various conversations but never leading a conference call
  • After 15 minutes talking in a full throated voice about driving this or that or about who had visibility or not she hung up the phone and said in a meek voice gee I hope I wasn’t talking to loud
  • People have to work and I understand that part of it
  • The lady was probably on steroids

San Leandroni’s

  • Shout out to Claude hopper He wrote in to say maybe a person from San Leandro is a San Leandrite
  • That sounds like spelunking terminology

High School Wheels

  • I went back to my high school for a ceremony honoring a classmate who was an early artistic collaborator
  • In 2011 he painted a portrait of my wife and I

This Week’s Selfie:

Fourth of July cover
Going places in my chair- Hit my head again- Barbecue using the tray method- The Pepper Show is back.

Welcome to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast, “Fourth of July”

In this episode, we take stock of the busy Fourth of July holiday week that was full of wheelchair rolls, head injuries and new grilling setups. Plus, we got a new Pepper Show!

  • Statistical shout outs to places far and wide and thick and thin where people listen to the show.
  • Have you heard of the disorder where people take s**** in their sleep? Yeah it’s called sleep crapnea.
  • While I was copying that down my wife was like, “You can’t say that, it has swearing in it.” I was like “Yes I can, I’ll bleep it.” And then she was like, “You have to leave the ‘sh’ sound otherwise people won’t know what word it is.” I was like “I can do that!” And then she said, “Would you please turn off the light?” I said, “Would you please let me write down this f****** joke!”
  • July 1- Fell and hit my head on the house, like in the old episode It’s Fall. I ordered replacement tips for my stick from REI
  • July 2- I went to a wedding in my chair, and then I went to the reception in my brace.
  • July 3- I shopped at Urban Ore in my chair. I went to get lunch at the fried chicken sandwich place and the guy who was next in line had me cut in front of him and I accepted. But then I started to feel weird about the people after him.
  • July 4- On the 4th I went to San Jose to my parents’ block party where I rode my wheelchair. My mom told me she was happy I was there and that I was in my chair taking it easy. It wasn’t much of a barbecue- I didn’t have anything that was grilled. We had chile verde
  • July 5- I barbecued a redo of the 4th of July by grilling hot dogs, bratwurst, and corn. A new method using aluminum trays, yielded positive results and the kids gave it positive reviews. For dessert, we had apple pie.
  • I recorded the Pepper Show and the vibe is more or less soft in the head. But at least I did it. I can do a better one next time.

This Week’s Selfie:

fourth of july selfie
I got out the cowboy hat because why not? YOLO

Welcome to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast, Season 3, Episode 7: It’s My 40th Birthday

Coming up in this episode: pain and anxiety, brain damage, the beauty of nature. Hanging out in the backyard, it’s my 40th birthday. I’m thankful to be here processing my emotions and symptoms. Come hang out with me.

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Welcome Whats The Matter With Me? Season 2, Episode 13: It’s Fall

… when they came to get the doctor, right away something was different. It was my first time working with a disabled care provider. It was great. I thought that was great and I told her so. I said, “Hey man, it’s cool what you’re doing. It’s cool to see someone disabled as a care provider. I really like it.” She had a disability you could see right away looking at her. It made her work more complicated, but she had hacks and workarounds just like I do, except she sat in the doctor’s chair.

My hand is really useless. It’s it’s in a claw most of the time sometimes my thumb goes under my index finger. At night when I’m sleeping and I wake up at 4 in the morning is the best time but I’m at Cross purposes there because it’s also the best time for being asleep.


What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast

Episode 24: Hole

Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis and moving my small hot sauce business forward

“Hole in the wall”, A fall story

I tripped over myself  in my bedroom and punched a hole in the wall.  It was klutzy and embarrassing, but at least the wall took the worst of it and I came through okay.

I’m in recovery

My Nurse Practitioner told me I was in recovery from MS and that changed my perspective.  I have been in a defensive stance, and I can begin to makje positive steps forward.

Hoppin Hot Sauce — Extra Hot

I’m spending all of my time creating a new flavor of Hoppin Hot Sauce, Extra Hot.

Positive vibes

Keep things positive and moving forward in a good direction, and everything will be all right.