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I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

Hit My Head On The Bed


Welcome to “Hit My Head On The Bed”, an episode unlike any other about unwelcome interactions with a solid bedframe, children’s birthdays, and walking the beat. PLUS a new theme song candidate faster than any others.

Frame Very Solid

  • I fell and hit my head on the wood bedframe

Child’s Birthday

  • It’s my sons birthday tomorrow
  • On the weekend, he is going with a few friends to see the new Mission Impossible

Movie Theater Bars, Part One

  • I bet they make whiskey sours with Jim Beam White Label at the bar

Just In Time

  • Hit the corner on my current phone and then it starts transcribing what is said and it does a pretty good job
  • I am figuring out the accessibility controls on my phone just as I am about to change to a new phone
  • I am an environmentalist so i throw away my trash
  • Technology has too many layers of microphones
  • By the time I figure out how it works, I need a new phone

Bike shop

  • we went to the bike store in the neighborhood and got my son a bike
  • we live next to the ride around the lake
  • the shop makes custom road bikes that are too nice for a ten year old

Lost Focus

  • Getting ready, I didn’t stay focused – the kids were fighting – and I didn’t stick the landing and fell getting ready
  • I hit my head on the wooden bed frame
  • I need to get help when I’m trying to get out of the house, but maybe it’s unrealistic to expect it

Walking The Beat

  • My neighbor is a retired police officer
  • He walks a lot and has a a loud voice
  • According to the bike mechanic, we live in the “forgotten zone”
  • He walks the beat all the time and he knows everything that’s happening

Down At The Heel

  • My shoes are trashed
  • I’m looking at billyfootwear.com which is made for people who wear AFO braces
  • I need help figuring out the sizing because the AFO affects what size I am
  • My current shoes are ugly and decrepit
  • The soles are cracked and the uppers have a condition resembling alopecia

Wheelchairiots Of Fire

  • My phone misheard my wheel chair as a wheelchariot and I thought that was pretty rich
  • Good thing I’m not having to fight for my life in ancient Rome

Opening Time

  • what time do they start serving whiskey sours at the movie theater bar

Sun Jam

  • NEW Theme Song Candidate “Sun Jam” maybe the fastest theme song candidate ever

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Hit My Head On The Bed Selfie

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