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In “Spring Concert,” an incidental return to Dry Marchuary, a chapbook’s worth of poetry and the school’s Spring Concert.

From chaos comes order

One way to enjoy Hoppin Hot Sauce is “On Pasta”.

In the midst of near-total chaos, small rituals ground us, nourishing both body and soul.

“On Pasta” at HoppinHotSauce.com

Shout outs

Shout outs to schwabino kickin fatal aikido kung fu karate they bout to find your body you better ask somebody mymedia designer.com tell a friend to tell a friend about my media designer

See for yourself

Spring Concert Selfie

My hair is long as it’s been since 2009! See for yourself above. Subscribers get the selfie e-mailed to them, they don’t even have to do anything, just lay there.

It’s an NFT, it’s collectible, it’s a blockchain. Blockchain sounds like a necklace to me

Lost Weekend Here I Come

The wine delivery is coming tomorrow. In the meantime, we’ve been back to “One Or Two Beers Dry January-February-Marchuary” mode, just for the past few days. Long live one or two beers Dry January

To go in your chaps

hippie chapbooks
Hippie chapbooks

A chapbook is a small publication of up to about 40 pages, sometimes bound with a saddle stitch.

“Chapbook,” Wikipedia

I collected what poetry I have written since I moved here in 2021. It’s over 45 pages, and Wikipedia says it’s enough to make a chapbook.

Let my children play music

Once upon a time in the auditorium

I went to the San Leandro Unified School District Spring Concert in my wheelchair, to see my son play trumpet in the spring concert.

Once upon a time in the auditorium

Chapter List


In “Buying A Used Wheelchair,” breaking my wheelchair and buying a new one on Craigslist, more record shopping, cooking borscht and getting accepted for publication.

Every week we order pizza from the place in town. On the day after, for lunch I eat cold pizza with Hoppin Hot Sauce on it.
(Hoppin Hot Sauce jingle)

Those who say don’t know & who know don’t say

Buying a used wheelchair selfie
Buying a used wheelchair selfie

Subscribers get the selfie and the show notes e mailed to them, and I don’t know what they do with them

Record shopping

I went record shopping at Amoeba and it turned out to be a pretty good score:

The record store person gave me “the nod”

Terminal Event


I broke the arm off of my wheelchair, with a bang. The manufacturer was out of stock, but I needed to find a replacement. I got on my computer and I searched eBay and sfbay.craigslist.org. craigslist came through for me

Cooking While Disabled

We made borscht. For the second year in a row, we used this Serious Eats recipe for Hot Ukrainian Borscht (With Beets, Beef, Pork, and More)


After an uninterrupted months-long streak of many rejections, a few different editors wrote me to let me know that my writing was accepted. All in all, a piece of microfiction (in this case, a story of exactly 50 words) and two poems. It’s very exciting to turn the corner on this project and move from submission to publication.


Chapter List

swift correction cover

In “Swift Correction,” Taylor Swift wrote all the songs, hoping everything’s okay, and a sprained knee. But first, I’m programming robots to do my bidding! I can feel it– success is near at hand.

Automaton I

I spent all day working on an automation to send posts created on the Hoppin Hot Sauce blog out to the mailing list automatically. Automations help multiply my actions which is important so I can conserve energy and avoid fatigue that comes with MS. Hopefully, I can stay in better touch with the hot sauce audience.

Automaton II

Swift Correction selfie

Previously, another automation I made sends new episodes to our What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast mailing list. Subscribe today. Subscribers get the selfie along with show notes.

Cool thing

blue placard
Hoppin Hot Sauce is a disabled owned & operated business

Shoppers at our Amazon store support disabled-owned business

Hope everything’s okay

About the time when we were driving and we saw two fire trucks and an ambulance.

My wife said. “I hope everything’s okay.”

To which I replied, “Clearly, it isn’t.”

Correction: Taylor Swift wrote all the songs

Correction: Taylor Swift wrote all the songs

My wife texted: “The standard edition of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) comprises 21 tracks: re-recordings of the 13 songs from the standard edition of 1989, re-recordings of the three bonus tracks from the original deluxe edition, and five previously unreleased “From the Vault” songs that were written for the 2014 album but excluded from the final track list. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989_(album) I don’t think the Taylor’s version are covers.”

Of course, she was right. I tried to explain it in the episode, but it’s really very complicated.

Path of pain

The path of pain began when I sprained my knee. Unfortunately, I fell in my bathroom, and bent it the wrong way. After that, I was leaning heavily on my cane, which caused soreness in my left pectoral area. The pain traveled from there down my arm, stopping in my bicep, forearm, wrist and hand.

It was painful, like sitting cross-legged but the heel goes outward instead of inward. The bruise was on the inside of my knee. Recovery proceeds, slowly, haltingly; I’m trying to stay off of it as much as I can.

Bueller… Bueller…

ferris bueller attendance

I’m practicing for the CBEST California substitute teacher exam.

swift correction cover
Correction: Taylor Swift wrote all the songs

Chapter List

Taylor Swift
Hoppin Hot Sauce
MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Pain Management
Substitute Teacher Exam (CBEST)

wheelchair dig cover

In “Wheelchair Dig,” a dinner party, shout outs and a family trip to the record store.

Amidst discussions on music finds, including Eminem and Taylor Swift covers, touching on the disappearance of People’s Park, radio’s outreach to marginalized communities, and the place of ‘inspirational’ content in disability culture.

Canvas for hot sauce

We had our neighbors over for dinner last night and we made pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw. The kind of thing just perfect for hot sauce.

All-KFJC Shouts

Shout out to the sandman who wrote in for a fresh fish recommendation in the South Bay. So I gave up all my spots to him?

Shout out to Jersey girl and Max level

There’s only one way

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Wheelchair dig

Amoeba Records Berkeley

Went record shopping at Amoeba in my wheelchair with the family


I found a 3cd set of Codona on ECM used / don cherry nana vasconcelos and collin wallcott. It’s proto-‘world music’

my son got eminem’s “Marshall Mathers 2”. he is having emotional problems, so I see why he is connecting with this.

My wife and my daughter went in on the taylor swift covers cd taylor’s version – electropop, powerful music – the frequencies are on blast, it peels your eyelids back and curls your eyelashes. plenty rizz, more drip than expected, pretty obvious why she’s a spectacular pop star

people’s park is gone – three cops guarding the shipping containers blockading it – bad vibes

Inspiration to who?

Is There A Healthy Place For ‘Inspirational’ In Disability Culture? Andrew Pulrang

Disabled people have complicated relationships with a lot of words. But the one word other than “disability” itself disabled people feel most intensely about may be the word “inspirational.”

Andrew Pulrang


wheelchair dig art
Digging in the crates

The radio and other broadcast media is egalitarian in the way it approaches disabled people and unpopular people. The voice on the radio is the companion that they have. Homeless people, weirdos, prisoners, anyone who tunes in can listen

On that note, email me

wheelchair dig cover tw
Digging in the crates

Chapter List

People’s Park
Disability culture
Andrew Ang
Ella Young
Radio broadcasting
Amoeba Berkeley (record store)
Hoppin Hot Sauce
Record shopping
Multiple sclerosis
Trigeminal neuralgia
Taylor Swift
Hip hop

The Music Episode

In “The Music Episode:” “Let’s Paint TV,” Ludacris color story meme, and keeping the kids in their rooms by tuning in to Day Of Noise on KZSU.

When life gives you shoes.. make shoeanade

The new shoes that I got in the last episode are working out. They’re made by a company called Drew

I swear it’s true

Semi-transparent guitarist playing a record store “in store” gig with red paint scrawled all over its face

This is the music episode

Spicy Roasted Pistachio Nuts

kikunae ikeda

The Spicy Roasted Pistachios with Hoppin Hot Sauce Extra Hot came out but there was one problem – i couldn’t stop eating them – we’ll eat them at the Super Bowl, if they last that long

I’m writing an email blast about them, and I made some cool collages, like this one, of the guy who coined the term ‘umami’

Umami means “delicious taste.” in Japanese.

The Struggle Is Real

If Sisyphus was alive today, he could have a podcast about going up the hill and rolling the boulder over and AI would say it was a multi-faceted discourse.


It helps when I search for stuff using my wheelchair not walking around. BC then I actually look around, instead of focusing on walking, trying not to fall, as usual.

Berkeley Rock Stars

I got a fragment of The time of your life Green Day song stuck in my head, but only the title, and even that I got wrong.

Not Like The Others

If you’re like, “This certainly isn’t like another podcast,” make sure to subscribe to get the selfie.

Here Be The River Of Pain

Changes in the weather: the atmospheric river pointed at California is screwing with my face a bit. Stinging me, stabbing me – out of nowhere.

Ultimately Very Listenable

Thiis is from “Let’s Paint TV,” hosted by the Los Angeles artist John Kilduff. Once the novelty of his multidisciplinary multitasking wore off, which, I admit, took a while, I found it soothing and ultimately very listenable. He has an etsy store, with lots of items for sale at a very reasonable prices considering the obvious talent involved. For real – I mean, could you do this? I couldn’t, and I appreciate him for what he has done.

Appealing Color Story Hip Hop Rap Ludacris Meme

mauve birch meme

I created the Ludacris meme “Mauve birch”

My Children Were On Lockdown

day of noise 2024

It was the day of noise on KZSU. The 24-hour live marathon of noise and experimental sounds kept the kids out of the main room of the house, in their rooms with the doors firmly shut, pretty much all day.

Keeping It Going

escalo frio

On the day after Day Of Noise, my daughter had a playdate. While it was going on, I put on Escalo Frio by Otto Von Shirach which was more of the same. Escalo frio means shiver in Spanish. The record features an appearance by Matmos. Before putting it on I told my wife it was dance music and I admit, that was misleading.

No Test Drive

Abilities expo isn’t happening in the bay area this year but it is happening in Los Angeles in mid March. I can get another of the same wheelchair that I already have, however I would like to have a chance to look at the options in a hands-on way.

The Music Episode Selfie

the music  episode selfie
The Music Episode Selfie

One More Time

This is the music episode.

Semi-transparent guitarist playing a record store “in store” gig with red paint scrawled all over its face

Chapter List


In “What’s Really Going On”, John discusses the challenges he’s been facing with his children, particularly their lack of cooperation

He shares the stress and difficulty he experiences in trying to handle this situation, about the frustration of dealing with his son’s behavior and the impact it has on their daily routines. He expresses his hope for a resolution and mentions that it’s the 30th episode of his podcast this year.

The episode discusses various topics, including John’s family life, his children’s behavior, his creative work with Hoppin Hot Sauce, and his experiences at a drum and bass show.

Forming a rock band

What I meant when I said that the fans of What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast could change the course of history is that there’s enough of them to form a rock band

Coffee Annual Deep Cleaning

We took the coffee machine in to get serviced

Pile of Sticks

All of my walking sticks are bent or otherwise unusable and I have them in a pile in the corner. I called in the warranty for one of them, and the replacement will come on Monday.

Drum and bass

I went to the drum and bass show at the Golden Gate Park Bandshell in my wheelchair


Kind of a milestone: I submitted poetry to ten publications. It’s probably just the beginning.

Hot Sauce

Hoppin Hot Sauce Original Flavor
Check Out Hoppin Hot Sauce On Amazon

Making a new production of Hoppin Hot Sauce, getting everything ready

What’s really going on

My son is driving me wild, and my daughter is watching and learning

John discusses the challenges he’s been facing with his children, their lack of cooperation in doing homework. He shares the stress and difficulty he experiences in trying to handle this situation, and the frustration of dealing with their behavior and the impact it has on their daily routines. He expresses his hope for resolution and a good night’s sleep.


A Range Of Subjects

We’re paid through the year

In this podcast episode, John shares personal anecdotes, music interests, and his challenges due to multiple sclerosis. He discusses social experiences, urban planning, wheelchair tennis, and efforts to improve mobility. The episode offers insights into his life and diverse interests.

My wife reminded me of the time I got nervous with her family and I said that jujubees give you “copious fecal matter”

Music Rundown

New adds:

Gabor szabo bacchanal – 1969 psychedelic apocalypse world music guitar centric 

Dad gave it to me

Zum Vol 15: indie experimental playlist from George Chen
sick thoughts on total punk records

This got me into the KBD scene – here is the Wikipedia page

from The Odd Man Who Sings About Poop, Puke and Pee

Tremor Control

I’m deep diving into olivia tremor control

Will Cullen Hart has MS

The collected works book, mostly olivia tremor control covers and related ephemera

‘Jazz’ alone will do

Renaming jazz CD genres into just jazz from contemporary jazz, jazz fusion, hard bop, or whatever

Not always social

Being social is hard bc its hard to be social

Baby’s in the corner

I went to my Mom’s birthday and everyone stood around and it wasn’t the right place to hang out

I got out of there and went to a table in the corner of the room

The party was crowded but nobody sat next to me and I received people like the pope. trying hard to recognize them after not seeing them for many years. It was ok. I chose a seat that was very close to the stage.

2.5 Ft/Sec

Read a piece in the times about urban planning for senior citizens

Stir Crazy

hard to get a round

trying not to go nuts

Burning Man attendees got to go home, when will I get to leave

Wheelchair Tennis

Watched the wheelchair us open tennis, Spaargaren NED v Fernandez ARG


CALLED the mobility people TO GET THE LIFT GOING

We set an installation date for October 10

Choking on food

Had one of John’s friends for dinner and they ate seconds and thirds, then everything was gone and it was gratifying. Ground beef tomato pasta

Then I coughed on some Watermelon covered with tajin. “This is normal”, John told his friend. I guess it is. I felt bad for him.

AI Cooking School

AI Hoppin Hot Sauce food photographs are impressively strange

Challenging Juju

1919 market warehouse party spot is still for sale 20 years later

For the nth time

stream of consciousness narrative cover

Potty Mouth DJ

Delving deeper into what AI says I already do, I present to you, “Stream Of Consciousness Narrative.”

The “What’s The Matter With Me?” podcast is a stream-of-consciousness narrative where the host, John, shares updates and thoughts on various topics that are currently on his mind. In this episode, John talks about a range of subjects, including his recent visit to urgent care, his experience with physical limitations due to multiple sclerosis, and his creative work on fundraising ads for a local radio station. He also mentions listening to the “Iowa’s Newsworthy Past” podcast, gives a shoutout to his friend George Chen, who runs a music distribution platform, and reflects on the nature of his podcast as a support mechanism. Throughout the episode, John’s narrative style is reflective and personal, touching on both humorous and serious topics.

Artificial intelligence

I like that, “reflective and personal.” I’m starting to think that AI really gets me. Enough claptrap, let’s dive right in.

Is it a population thing

Oklahoma and North Dakota have the fewest listeners to this podcast. California and New York have the most.


I am thinking about ending the podcast, what do you think? Use the contact form on whatsthematterwithme.org. Scratch that, if things seem bad, I’m going to think they’re worse. I’ll take no action.

Funky Worm

From Beyond The Grave

essential vonnegut caedmon

Listening to the Kurt Vonnegut interview cd from the back of my wife’s old crashed car, he discusses how making a play is like getting yourself a new family. Listening to it, I felt that it related to how volunteering at KFJC provided support at a time when I had changed my lifestyle. I had moved from Brooklyn, to East San Jose, and I was looking for a new scene.

Thee Song Candidate

Shout out to Rocky who wrote in saying she dug the new theme song candidate from last episode, “Goru.” I admit that it was heavily influenced by if not completely derivative of The Body & OAA, but maybe that isn’t a bad thing.

In Between The Lines Of Age

Having my doctors tell me that my leg is useless or that my hand is paralyzed reminds me of when my kids used to say, “You can’t use your hand”, and then I would put a piece of paper in it. And say, “what about this?”

Listening without intention

Iowa’s Newsworthy Past is a podcast with about 200 episodes consisting of readings from pretty old Iowa newspapers. You can listen to it really hard or you can zone out and let time and space melt away.

Acquiring Legitimacy

George Chen’s Zum Audio Vol 5 compilation was on bandcamp radio last week and that’s a pretty big deal even for an accomplished polymath gadfly like George.

last day of summer at the jelly belly factory cover

Welcome to “Last day of summer at the Jelly Belly factory” on What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast. I asked my artificial intelligence tool what this episode was about, and it summarized it thusly:

The main idea of this episode is a stream of consciousness narrative where you share updates on various topics, including your experiences visiting a Jelly Belly factory, your interest in music, your thoughts on different sayings and maxims, an accident where you hit your head and had to get staples, and some personal reflections and anecdotes. The episode covers a range of topics and thoughts that are currently on your mind.

Without further ado…

Reggae bible study

Have you been studying your reggae bible? I haven’t, but on Dj Robert Rankin’s Solid Foundation reggae show I heard the lyric, “The race is not for the swift, but who can endure.” I googled it, and it’s from the Bible, a riff on Ecclesiastes chapter 9, verse 11.

The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

Ecclesiastes 9.11

This could relate to people in wheelchairs, who aren’t very fast, but who have the strength to endure what is happening to them.

Hotter than rats in a sack

The family went to Fairfield and Suisun City for the kids’ last day of summer break. It was 98 degrees in Fairfield, but the Jelly Belly factory was climate-controlled.

Afterwards, we went to Retroactive Records and Games in Suisun City.

More Maxims

Mean what you say and say what you mean.
Those who say don’t know, and those who know don’t say.
Smile now, cry later.

Pile it up high

They put me on a medication that causes drowsiness and I’m like add it to the pile. Thankfuilly, that was last week and now I’m off it. Meanwhile, I am working on reordering the shoes in my correct size, but its not exactly going smoothly.

To top it off, my AFO brace is still broken and tough to walk in. Trying to get up, I fell and hit my head and cut myself. After some cajoling, I went to the ER and got four staples. I admit that I’m glad I did. Next week, I’ll go in to the office and get them removed.

New music adds

Looking over the list, I can see that this week’s music run-down is guaranteed to freak out the squares. Nine Inch Nails do soundtracks, Portishead stepped on a Lego, Gravy Train go up-market, and extreme hardcore vocal interplay – this week’s music adds have a little bit of something for everybody. Don’t let your life go silent.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem (Original Score) by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

Enemy of Love by The Body & OAA

No Jack Swing by Brontez Purnell


This Week’s Selfie

last day of summer at the jelly belly factory selfie

Welcome to “Chew On That”, an episode about new music, barbecues, and the cultural differences between cafes and diners

Best Sauce

Hoppin Hot Sauce Original Flavor

Check it out:
Hoppin Hot Sauce is on Amazon

News flash:
It’s the best sauce In the world

Big Up Listener

  • Shoutouts to Rocky
  • Shout outs to the people who listen to every episode

Boom Roasted

  • We needed to order another Filter for the ice Maker and bang i did it

Trip to the Cathedral

Tom's restaurant
Right around the corner
  • This is a podcast about nothing because i’m from the Seinfeld era

Ritual Hazing Absent Father

  • I had Dad drink cucumber skin juice
  • He grimaced. and we laughed and pointed at him

First Detroit Based Art Gallery And Studio For Disabled Artists

Progressive Art Studio Collective (PASC), a program of Services to Enhance Potential,  is seeking funding to complete the build out of our future Detroit Gallery and Studio in LANTERN. If PASC raises $50,000 by August 5, we will win a matching grant through MEDC’s Public Spaces Community Places initiative.

Sausages On Display

  • We hosted BBQs on July 4th & 5th
  • I’m an extrovert and my wife is an introvert
  • For the 4th we had sausages and ssteak
  • On the fifth, we ate hamburgers


Sonny Rollins & Leonard Cohen
Ghast “O Akhea Rheon”

Kids are into this

Purchased the catalogue


This Week’s Selfie

chew on that selfie
Chew on that selfie


Every time we release an episode