What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

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  • Territorial Expansion

    Territorial Expansion

    Low Anxiety, Going Places In this episode, I give a shoutout to Kevin for Montana info, share insights from Andrew Pulrang’s Disability Thinking, and discuss prepping Dax Pierson interview questions. I also talk about my kids’ haircuts, our neighborhood, music, therapy, hospital visits, and my recent solo trips and poetry publications. Shout Outs Shout outs…

  • Anxiety Medication Strategy Session

    Anxiety Medication Strategy Session

    In “Anxiety Medication Strategy Session,” changing opinions on music, bouts of anxiety, recent publication in Identity Theory and Disturb the Universe, family life changes, increased mobility, and resumption of some duties. Last Old Guy Or First New Guy? Recently, I read a tweet by flea, and I was forced to reconsider: Pat Matheny was a…

  • Spring Concert

    Spring Concert

    In “Spring Concert,” an incidental return to Dry Marchuary, a chapbook’s worth of poetry and the school’s Spring Concert. From chaos comes order One way to enjoy Hoppin Hot Sauce is “On Pasta”. In the midst of near-total chaos, small rituals ground us, nourishing both body and soul. “On Pasta” at HoppinHotSauce.com Shout outs Shout…

  • Buying A Used Wheelchair

    Buying A Used Wheelchair

    In “Buying A Used Wheelchair,” breaking my wheelchair and buying a new one on Craigslist, more record shopping, cooking borscht and getting accepted for publication. Every week we order pizza from the place in town. On the day after, for lunch I eat cold pizza with Hoppin Hot Sauce on it.(Hoppin Hot Sauce jingle) Those…

  • Swift Correction

    Swift Correction

    In “Swift Correction,” Taylor Swift wrote all the songs, hoping everything’s okay, and a sprained knee. But first, I’m programming robots to do my bidding! I can feel it– success is near at hand. Automaton I I spent all day working on an automation to send posts created on the Hoppin Hot Sauce blog out…