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I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

Territorial Expansion


Low Anxiety, Going Places

In this episode, I give a shoutout to Kevin for Montana info, share insights from Andrew Pulrang’s Disability Thinking, and discuss prepping Dax Pierson interview questions. I also talk about my kids’ haircuts, our neighborhood, music, therapy, hospital visits, and my recent solo trips and poetry publications.

Shout Outs

Shout outs to Kevin. thanks for the info about Montana. Kevin does comic book reviews on his YouTube channel Under The Cowl Of MS.

Disability Thinking

Now reading Andrew Pulrang’s Disability Thinking Substack. I’ve always been partial to the combination of disability with thinking, the guy’s been on another level for a long time.

Writing Dax Pierson interview questions. I have been lagging, trying to be recovered fully before doing the interview. I think it may be time to move forward.

I’ll Gladly Pay Tomorrow For A Haircut Today

After months of hair drama, i took my kids to Supercuts and John’s long hair was over in a moment. He was happy. With his new haircut, he’s ready for summer.

I’m glad that our neighborhood is a protected cul-de-sac. It means the kids can play outside with the other kids in the neighborhood and there’s hardly any car traffic.

New Music: Magic Fig, “Magic Fig”


Magic Fig. San Francisco psych band. I heard it reviewed at the KFJC staff meeting and I ordered it from the group’s bandcamp page.

Cool new record – local band – insane amount of styles – dreamlike hooks – psychedelic SF – full sonic fireworks, Silver Current Label – over the top – combo Sid Barrett mixed with HR Puff n’ Stuff

KFJC Music Notes 6/5/24

24-Hour yogurt is smoother than 8-hour yogurt, go figure.

I went to the Express Care at the Eden Valley Medical Center bc my ear was feeling blocked, like it had somebody’s thumb stuck in it. They prescribed Flonase and something else, and they’ve been making it easier to breathe through the machine

My anxiety is low, put fast away, like it’s in the past. My talk therapist thinks it may be due to the EMDR therapy that we’ve been doing.


I drove the kids to Foothill College where we went to KFJC and we hung out with Jack Tar and Good Karma before having snack on the quad, and then we drove to Hayward. In Hayward, we went to Burger King, a place the kids wanted to go badly after seeing the commercial a million times.

Territorial Expansion


The next day, I went to Oakland on my own. I’ve learned how to strap the wheelchair onto my car by myself. On Father’s Day, I took the kids to Berkeley. We went to Amoeba Music, Moe’s Books, Games of Berkeley, and had slices of pizza for lunch. My new expanded base of operations includes Oakland, Berkeley and Los Altos.


My ears were burning, my vibe was strong. Three poems were accepted for publication in two different journals. After a long gap, they were accepted in the same day by editors working half a world apart. It’ll be my first time publishing my work in another country, and also my first time reprinting a poem. Stay tuned, you’ll be the first to know..


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  1. Nathan T Archer Avatar
    Nathan T Archer

    Hello John. Miss the podcast. Hope all is getting better. Thinking of you. Nathan Mary Tibbie and Butters.

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