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Auto-correct keeps messing with me

Welcome to “Happy New Yeast” on the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast

In this episode, autocorrect keeps messing with me. After almost two years, I’ll get new teeth on Friday. I drove myself to KFJC and did a lot of cooking.

Buck Wild

  • I lost my buck teeth in the Spring of 2021 and, at long last, I’m getting them back on Friday

Live on KFJC

  • I drove to KFJC and hung out with Jack tar during the Blues Collective and also picked up some records to review
  • They had this year’s new years card and a past new years card up in the lobby
  • I got assigned a couple records to review and brought them home, fulfilling the original reason to be a member at kfjc: to get free records

Misadventures In Autocorrect

  • “Happy new yeast,” my phone is always autocorrecting me, when I try to write happy new years. And I’m like “No, man- that makes me sound weird.”

Plastic Tones

Cedell Davis
  • Cedell Davis was a disabled blues man with limited use of his hands

Doin’ drop off and pickup

  • I took the kids to school- Nami was working in San Diego,
  • End of day pickup & took them out to Taco Bell, because they see the ads on TV

Cooking While Disabled Jan 2023

  • Need a TED talk about making PBJ that addresses the importance of spreading the peanut butter and jelly to the edge of the bread
  • Made mojo sauce, its hard for me bc it had some tricky things like using the microplane, blender & a lotta juicing i extended the marinating time to break out the work over 2 days
  • Made soup again, the kale was a bit difficult to strip off the stems but i did it anyway bc it’s good to do things within reason. Part of cooking is prep, and it’s the work

Artist at the Grocer

Hold It Right There

  • The Amazon page holder device– I can read again. It’s called “Bookmark/Weight-Page Holder-Holds Books Open and in Place-Clear-by Superior Essentials” and it was Amazons choice. Using it is easy and I can read much easier without having to grapple with the book.
  • Currently, I’m reading The Year’s Best Sports Writing 2021 and Saxophone Colossus, Aidan Levy’s new Sonny Rollins biography and the page holder is doing exactly what they said it would- a useful product.
Working in the kitchen, making dinner, simple syrup, roast beets, and more.

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast S6, Ep. 44 “Pot Roast and Polenta”

In this episode, I cook pot roast and polenta. Recently, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen, laying low and taking care of my self. I’m having some anxiety but I’m trying to work with it. I’m taking a plane trip to SoCal and having a holiday party at my house later this week, so it makes sense that I am a little stressed.

There’s a lot of killer sound effects ion this weeks episode including people booing, laughing and cracking whips among many other cool sound effects like boing boxes and xylophones.

In the Kitchen

  • last night we had pot roast and polenta. the pot roast braised at a low temp in the oven with the lid cracked
  • Pot roast guidance came from The Food Lab by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt.
  • Tincanfish.com is free shipping for the month of December

What’s going on in the world


  • I am feeling some anxiety
  • I don’t have a therapist any longer because mine retired and moved to arizona
  • I think it is connected to reinventing myself now that i am pain free and off anticonvulsed medication
  • Handsome selfie from Thanksgiving autopsy made everything better?

Kitchen yoga

  • I cleaned the drip tray on the grill and there was a lot of sour Smelling coagulated turkey fat

At the station

  • I drove to KFJC and I filed Some record reviews

Cooking while disabled

  • I made beef pot roast
  • Simple syrup with a teeny bit of corn syrup
  • And roast beets
  • I made a drink with absinthe, gin, meyer lemon, and syrup

There’s that

  • I told my wife at least we didn’t have to pay for tattoo removal
  • Peeps r a big trip

This week’s selfie

Gilfoyle shirt
return to the radio
Room 5100

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season Six, Episode 14, “Return To The Radio”

In this episode, I went to the first radio station staff meeting since coronavirus, something I’ve dearly missed since the start of the pandemic.

I went to the KFJC station meeting- I made my Return To The Radio! But first..

  • Wetpantsdenim.com
  • Lady asked to help me put my shoe on outside the big-box appliance store. I said no
  • Algorithms reduce agency- they do it for you
  • Tiger woods finished the masters, all 72 holes
  • I’ve compartmentalized a lot of stuff in my life, it works for me. Take the good with the bad
  • In The New York Times focus group, They kept defining being a man as providing for your family, but I feel like my main role in our family is a supportive one I do think that I provide for them spiritually, and since that is most important of all maybe I am providing
  • Reddit replies to Oscar’s slap
  • I went to the first KFJC staff meeting since coronavirus
  • I think it’s important to compartmentalize things and be grateful for what you have
lightning bolt cover
Seeing hardcore punk-noise veterans Lightning Bolt play at New Parish in Oakland for my first show since the start of the pandemic.

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season Six, Episode 13, “Lightning Bolt”

In this episode I got out of my house and saw a Lightning Bolt show, which was a big success. I used a ride service, ate a pre-show dinner, and hustled to the club, where they gave me a seat right next to the band.

  • Shoutouts: to the librarian who roped me into the compulsory ideas & cultural indoctrination book club!
  • I will survive my symbolic journey to Siberia as I read this book about prehistory somehow, the same book as everyone else
  • I went to see Lightning Bolt
  • Everyone in the family is out of town today
  • My wife asked me before she left, what was my menu plan? and I hadn’t thought about it
  • I made barbecued steak and spring onions yesterday- and some real hot salsa
  • I got a turkey sandwich, some beans, avocados, tortillas & cheese at the corner grocery. They have different varieties of beans down there.
  • Remember Hare Krishna’s at the airport? I guess it’s sad that the kids won’t have that
  • Social media is QVC interspersed with pictures of your friends

I went to the show

  • I used the Gogo Grandparent app which could just as easily be called Ride-O’s
  • It was around $30 round trip
  • I went to Low Bar , where I had a burger and a drink before the show
  • Brian Chippendale is hardcore drummer, as opposed to a jazz drummer
  • Lightning Bolt’s change of pace is between-song banter
  • Brian Chippendale recorded a station ID for KFJC after
  • The old ranting guy was drunk and ranting outside the club, he stood by the fire hydrant. I looked at him and realized we were the same age
  • Blue Hills by Michael Hurley was on as I put this together, it’s a new repress from Mississippi Records. he warbles a lot and the recording has many homespun touches.. you could see it as a bum trip, but I encourage thinking about with nostalgia. It’s very warm that way.
episode cover

Wee Man Strikes A Chord

PLUS, disabled punks, Agnes Martin, choriço, Botox and The Red House (1947)

I went to the radio station, to the independent living center and joined the gym. I’m beginning to advance.

I went to the radio station, to the independent living center and joined the gym. I’m beginning to advance.

Everything is receding like the ocean after the wave has crashed and it’s pulling your feet. The gym, hot sauce, supply chain- things are in recession.

Everything is receding like the ocean after the wave has crashed and it’s pulling your feet. The gym, hot sauce, supply chain- things are in recession.
Interview someone and learn about them

In The Habit

We’re nearing the end of four seasons on the podcast. Like I said last time, I’m thinking of changing or stopping it. For now, I’m still in the habit.

I recorded an interview with the activist Ligia Andrade Zuniga that I hope to air on KFJC.

Reflecting on the mental health epidemic that accompanies the coronavirus epidemic, the podcast takes an unexpected turn.

It comes back on track at the end, courtesy of the words of Marc Maron.

Cya next time. As always, get me via the Contact Form. Hasta luego!

  • I got my computer back from the shop, and I’m back up and running again
  • Shout-outs to Etan Rechra
  • I made some production work for KFJC, featuring my buddy Jack Tar
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Thank you for tuning in to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast.