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Welcome to the Season 8 Premiere, “New Pie Cutter”

In this episode, “New Pie Cutter” which is a kind of smorgasbord episode, we celebrate the new year, the new season, the new theme song. People get ready, the new episode is here and ready for liftoff.

Shout outs


  • Shout out to the sandman
  • Contact me on the contact form to get a shout out
    • Maybe the best shout out you’ll ever have, or that anyone’ll ever have

New Pie Cutter

  • To avoid a repeat of this year’s thanksgiving gorefest, I ordered a metal pie cutter on ebay, with a stainless steel blade and a silver handle –
  • it’s here and it’s beautiful and sturdy

Dinner a la GoGo

  • GoGo has limitations as a dating service
  • an awkward seating arrangement
  • at least they got a name change

TV burial

  • bought a big new tv bc mine crapped out after 15 years

What’s causing it

  • Dad butt dialed me again and he was like well. what happens is,I keep my phone in my back pocket, i think i butt dialed you


  • I will try to eat cheese no matter how old it is just to see
  • A pint is a pound the world around

Correct Technique

swallowing heads
correct and incorrect swallowing techniques
  • Swallow while staring at your sternum
  • I learned it from Koko

Wheelchair Fake News

riding in the park
With my son
  • parts on my wheelchair broke in airline baggage
  • “jazzy passport is discontinued”
  • and other lies the wheelchair salesman told me


  • making memes
  • yogurt marinade
  1. Mix 1 cup yogurt, 2 tsp Hoppin Hot Sauce, and 1.5 tsp salt
  2. Pour over 8 boneless chicken thighs and rest for at least four and up to twentyfour hours
  3. Grill and eat over rice with some white sauce and extra hot sauce to taste

AI Guy

  • I posted a picture of myself that was made by AI and I put it as my story and a lot of people haven’t heard from in a long time contacted me and maybe didn’t realize the picture was not of me but it was a hallucination by AI


  • the triage nurse at the hospital asked me if i used to be a wrestler



Welcome to “Can You Eat Blood?” the first episode after a break for a few weeks. I had trigeminal neuralgia face pain, so I took a a couple of weeks off. I think AI would say that these are bunch of unrelated thoughts.


  • Shout out to the poet Joe Imwalle who called me to thank me for sending a link to his linktree while at the same time insinuating (correctly or not) that almost no one listens to my podcast.
  • Joe played guitar in my high school band and now he’s a published poet
  • Shout out to Jeremiah Jahnson who gave us a shout out on KFJC, Saturday morning at 8:30
  • Shoutout to Hoppin Hot Sauce

Gray room

  • We went on a date at Yonsei Handrolls because the movie was too long to do otherwise

What To Do

  • When you have MS people are alwaays sending you scholarly articles like this one

Caramelized shallots

  • Chicken and pasta with caramelized shallots


  • Thanksgiving is for 14 this year
  • Thanksgiving menu

5% salt

  • I wrote the sauerkraut recipe for the school recipe book

I can breathe again

  • The espresso machine is back

No Swap

  • We’re taking a break from the Booze-Only Yankee Swap this year

Face on the fritz

  • My face is bothering me due to the storms in the atmosphere
  • Unfortunately I couldn’t eat dinner with my family
  • I had a scrambled egg on some rice so it’s not like I’m dying

Turkey Brain

  • A week away and the Thanksgiving meal took over my mind
  • I hope that I will be in the clear and so I can enjoy eating the meal and not be in fear
  • I’m put in the meat order after trying to put it in back in October and they were like, “We’ll do it next week.” I’m either super early or coming in in the nick of time

Cool hipster shoes

  • The guy at the mobility shoe store asked me what kind of shoes I want and I said I was a hipster and I was cool and he said so you want dress shoes?

Too Much Blood

  • Jan hasn’t been able to smell anything since he was 18
  • Nami drank Jan’s blood
  • But at least she didn’t drink her piss


  • Uniform Rejection of All writing submissions

Disability studies

Mysterious note

  • “Not just the bad stuff but the stuff I thought was really good”

Washed up

  • In a discussion of popular music John John told us Lady Gaga is washed up
Thanksgiving Autopsy cover
Thanksgiving is over, happened and done but BBQ parts are still in the mail. We smoked the turkey.

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast S6, Ep. 43 “Thanksgiving Autopsy”

In this episode, it finally happened. Thanksgiving is over and it went fairly well after all, even though the rotisserie parts never arrived. We adjusted more or less successfully by smoking the turkeys. It took a little longer because of the slower cooking method, but it was tasty, and we had enough appetizers to tide everyone over until the food was ready. Let’s conduct the Thanksgiving Autopsy in order to find out what really happened.

It Happened

  • “Hello, and welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast-Phone! Dial 1 for the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast.”

Shout Outs

dad bod rap pod logo

Soylent Green Is People

cannabis cannibals film poster
A film by Vampa
  • My son was confused about the difference between cannabis and cannibalism. He was terrified when he saw a pot club called Have A Heart

Frosty’s So Saucy

  • FOMO the Snowman is something that I have sung about when I was stressed out, in the run up toThanksgiving for example

Let’s conduct a Thanksgiving Autopsy

  • Thanksgiving is happening, in fact it happened. We made a lot of stuff.
  • We smoked the Turkey because we didn’t get parts in time, and it took quite a while, because smoking is a slow method of cooking. It tasted okay but it wasn’t quite what I was going for. Next year, I want to get the bird on thte table around 1 P.M.


  • I applied for a job.

Are You Gonna Go My Way?

Pepper Show Thanksgiving Episodes

I made a couple of Thanksgiving episodes over the break and I pinned the audio to the end of this week’s episode. Here’s the video from the Hoppin Hot Sauce YouTube channel.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?
How is your Thanksgiving going?

This Week’s Selfie

thanksgiving autopsy selfie
thanksgiving warmup cover
It’s coming.. I can feel the gravity.. Space-time is starting to warp, because Thanksgiving is happening soon.

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast S6, Ep. 42 “Thanksgiving Warmup”

In this episode, I’m getting ready for Thanksgiving, roasting chickens, buying barbecue parts, checking out tactical wallets, and more. I went to my friend’s birthday party and I managed to hang around and put in a pretty decent appearance. Disabled culture this week: Alice Wong, Leon Fleischer, and Daniel Romanchuk.

  • Kayaking through the wastewater outside the tomb of salt Bae
  • Had a buddy over and we had Mississippi roast and watched the World Series game six between the Philadelphia Phillies and Houston Astros

Birthday Party

  • We went to a friend’s house for a birthday party.
    • It was outside and it was on some dirt that had been rained on, so it was soft. It was not as easy to stand to stand on as concrete.
    • I didn’t use my wheelchair And I did pretty good
    • I saw the guy who owned a bar and we discussed what I’ve been drinking
      • the last time I saw him I was in a wheelchair and this time I was standing using my cane
    • I archived my trigeminal neuralgia journal – i’m off meds
    • I was visiting with the birthday ladies family And they gave me a slice of cake and a fork and a little paper plate and I tried to eat it on my lap and I kept throwing pieces on the ground on accident so I just gave up it was a pretty good cake and remarkably it was in the shape of an armadillo

Disabled Culture

  • Randey the barber, with an e
  • I made sausage pasta
  • Putting together Thanksgiving

New Music

The 12th Annual International Sound Poetry Festival Cover

After years of preparation, Recital is proud to present The 12th Annual International Sound Poetry Festival box set. Held in New York in 1980, this was the last festival of the pioneering sound poetry series started in Stockholm in the 1960s. This ambitious document holds nearly five hours of audio from 30 artists. A 240-page book with biographies, texts, and artwork from each artist supplements the edition, including program notes by Charlie Morrow and Sean McCann.

The turkey order’s in, and I ordered two. We’re going to use the rotisserie. I had pretty eyes at the Halloween party

Welcome to “Turkey Order” on the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast

In this episode, I put in the turkey order at the butcher shop. This year, we’re having Thanksgiving at the house again, and we’re planning to cook the turkey on the rotisserie. I ordered two smaller birds instead of one big one, and I’m hoping it’ll be more manageable that way. Also in this episode, we went to a Halloween party where my wife made me up like a beautiful woman, but not the one I was expecting. Meanwhile, Christina Applegate was diagnosed with MS, and we read about it in the newspaper.

  • I went to a Halloween costume party
  • collard greens & ham hocks email went out
  • subscribe to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast and you’ll never miss a selfie and that’s like having an nft, collect them and store them in your digital asset vault
  • What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast is full of good ideas
  • shout outs to rocky,
  • she said listening to the Podcast in the car is the best because that’s when you notice the sick bassline in the theme song
  • Bow down and pay homage to Rocky the Librapian
  • Shout outs to Jerry. he met his wife at a rave. I met him once before at Cato’s. He liked my shoes.
  • I went to a Halloween costume party
  • I had kind of no costume but I had my wife do my make up and I had beautiful eyes
  • Christina Applegate has MS
  • Don’t Tell Mom, The Babysitter’s Dead (1991)
The dishes are done man
  • I fell and bruised up my kneecap
  • Last night we had raviolis, tomato sauce, broccoli, and salad
  • we’re going tro have my cousin for dinner on Friday, and we’ll test the rotisserie then

This Week’s Selfie:

Go Sharks