What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

Cato’s Ale House Hang

Hearing the sound of missing teeth. Night driving. Hanging out at Cato’s Ale House felt like a win.


i went to the dentist he gave me false teeth to wear until they start implanting things
theyre aesthetically convincing,
theyre uncomfortable
cant really eat with them, and eating is the purpose of life.. so i question their appropriateness
can’t drink wine with them – taste/tongue movement

i went to catos ale house
i drove there at night, it’s just 15 minutes up 580 .. it was scary
i got the most lucky parking spot right across the street

i went to catos to meet joe, connor, and jerry
it was the first time i met jerry
he complemented me on my shoes
no one ever has complemented me on my shoes that i wear now that i wear a brace that severely limits my footwear options
i told him that i wore a size 6W to fit my AFO
he described them as basic black velco leather slipons and that he was always looking for them
he must have been drunk or crazy
jerry complemented me on my shoes

i used to live on howe street, in a garage in the back of the place, twenty years ago
in college i used to rent garages to save $20 bucks
i always lived outside, or i slept on the couch,
i was like a wart in your living room that never came off or iff you did get it off, it would come back
in my 20s i was always taking up the low lying area

i went to catos, for pandemic, people sit in the employee parking lot like a bunch of off duty parking valets
i was kind of mentally psyched out about going
i went and i had one beer,
a “kicking it old school best coast pale ale” from Canyon Club Brewery in Moraga
that joe bought me
but thats it i promised nami
then i drove home


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