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I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

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Using touchless pickup at Walmart with mixed results. Unexpected comments provide food for thought.

Welcome to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast, Season 6 Episode 23, “I Admire You.”

In “I Admire You”, I went to Walmart again. Which means that I like it, maybe. People made unexpected comments to me this week, so I dealt with those as best I could. Hoppin Hot Sauce is back in business. At the Royal Shakespeare Company, disabled actor is playing Richard III, a first. It’s a disabled role often played by someone acting disabled.

  • Shout outs to Claude Hopper- he listened to the whole podcast. This is the 197th episode
  • I went to Walmart again, this time for white t shirts
  • Did your delivery driver go above and beyond?
  • We sent 8 cases of sauce for Amazon
  • We sent 18 cases to Williams Sonoma s western region
  • The Most Real Richard III There’s Ever Been New York Times article about the disabled actor Arthur Hughes
  • I was leaving the liquor store Some guy wearing An American Flag bandana And a white goatee asked me if I needed help. I said I was ok and thanked him. It made me question if I should go out alone

Journey to Walmart again

  • I went to Walmart again and this time I ordered pickup
  • Before getting in the car I grabbed my trekking pole & 40th birthday cowboy hat
  • When I got to Walmart I Drove around the whole parking lot 3 times trying to find the pickup spot.
  • In the end I couldn’t find it, so I went inside
  • The greeter tried to get me to go to the other side of the store
  • She could see I was not into that
  • She told me I could use the app to tell them I was here, but she didn’t know how to do that or what it was called and Neither did I
  • She said that I could park my car near the garden area
  • Turning Around to get out of there I moved unsteadily and the greeter reached out to steady me
  • I used my trekking pole
  • I went back to my car.
  • When I was getting in my car a woman in the parking lot said “I admire you. You’re out here, and you’re doing your thing”
  • Then I drove my car to the Garden area and parked on the curb
  • There was a sign to call a phone number if you were here to pick up.
  • I called and no one answered
  • People with blue vests were walking around my car.
  • I told one of them that I had called and he said that no one answered because he was the only one working.
  • He said that he would help me. He went off and came back in a few minutes with the shirts
  • I don’t know why I keep going to the Davis street Walmart
  • It was nice to be admired

Questionable Parting Shots

This week’s selfie

Cheese in hot sauce headquarters


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