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I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

Conference Call On Steroids

Misunderstanding at the bathroom

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season Six, Episode 31, “Conference Call On Steroids”

In this episode, the lady was pretty loud on the phone when she hosted her conference call on steroids.


Misunderstanding at the bathroom

  • misunderstanding Using the bathroom at Trader vics
  • The bathroom at Embarcadero/ Ferry building
    • john john sat in the wheelchair

I’m woozy

  • Since I increased dosage, I’ve been falling a lot
  • I reluctantly cut back to one glass of wine at dinner
  • Jacques Pepin met his wife Gloria Evelyn Augier in 1966 when he was a ski instructor in 1966. she died on December 5, 2020. a Saturday
  • stopping at 1 allows me to get up by myself if I should fall
  • I had a couple glasses of champagne when Emily came over and then I fell
  • TN update: still feeling it, taking an extra pill every 6 hours. surgery scheduled for 9/22
  • Its making me woozy
  • Selfies are giving me beauty anxiety


  • Had infusion with steroids and benadryl
  • My wife drove me

Conference Call On Steroids

Maybe the lady thought she was quieter than she actually was.

  • The infusion center is divided into stalls. Maybe a dozen. There are only 1 or 2 private rooms
  • The lady next to me was leading a conference call. I have seen a lot of people talk on the phone and have various conversations but never leading a conference call
  • After 15 minutes talking in a full throated voice about driving this or that or about who had visibility or not she hung up the phone and said in a meek voice gee I hope I wasn’t talking to loud
  • People have to work and I understand that part of it
  • The lady was probably on steroids

San Leandroni’s

  • Shout out to Claude hopper He wrote in to say maybe a person from San Leandro is a San Leandrite
  • That sounds like spelunking terminology

High School Wheels

  • I went back to my high school for a ceremony honoring a classmate who was an early artistic collaborator
  • In 2011 he painted a portrait of my wife and I

This Week’s Selfie:


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