What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

I am getting ready for surgery.

Welcome to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season 6, Episode 34, “Pre-op”

In this episode I’m getting ready to go into Stanford next week for surgery to help with trigeminal neuralgia. In the meantime, the kids are playing soccer, there’s heat dome, and the podcasts that kids are making.

  • Shout outs to mom who wrote in to make a correction that she was not actually a Registered nurse
  • But I tell people that she was so so I guess if you’re one of them watch out you’ve been fooled
  • geographical shout outs
  • My daughter Told me she doesn’t understand the rules of soccer.
  • It was been really hot in California because there was a heat dome,
  • You heard it here 1st
  • It’s been over 90゚ so I’ve skipped 3 soccer practices. It was over a 100 for 1 of them so we all skipped that 1.
  • I’m reminded of the episode where it was really hot in East San Jose and I discussed how it was like my thoughts bubble through my brain like mud
  • It’s a lot cooler in San Leandro and I am surviving this heat wave a lot easier because I live in a shady area That is Naturally cooler
  • I think that is a big value of this house that I stay away from Uhthoff’s effect
  • My thoughts don’t get stuck in my brain, instead they come out, case in point
sent in by Claude Hopper, Anti rock stacker image
  • In the morning my wife says Hi Like a deflating ziploc bag And sad trombone. And I’m like Hi whats up in a loud stern voice and she answers nothing! In a golem voice
  • Snapshot of our relationship
  • We laughed talking about it in the car after we dropped the kids off at school. how we come at it different
I ran a poll on Twitter and it got one reply and I wasn’t allowed to Vote
  • Seemed like It was 100 degrees all last week and it’s 73 today
  • I avoided Uhthoff’s effect. The Saturday games were on artificial turf. It was steamy out and still pretty sunny. I used my wheelchair. I wore a panama hat bc i had a family event
  • Saturday tripleheader- the kids played soccer games. koko was first in hayward, then john john in union city, then we went to san jose for a family BBQ
  • i had my preop- next week they’ll stab my face and fry my trigeminal nerve. i think they might keep me awake
  • if it is successful ill be able to come off all these pain meds. its called titrating where every week ill come off one more pill. itll take a few months to get off all of them but im cautiously optimistic
  • been getting into the Delaware Dan podcast. its very unorganized and im not sure if it has a topic or not./ i found it by searching google podcasts for the word cassette tape. you can really go dfown a rabbit hole. kids are makiung podcasts for themselves. also shoutouts to roast of your teenage self podcasts
  • these are podcasts by young people and its great. im anm old person who makes a podcasts about nothing or if you have to say its about anything, its aboiut having a horrible disease and crazy surgical procedures. its probably better and more accurate to say its about nothing
  • wrap up
  • kahlil gibran on children

This week’s selfie:

pre-op selfie
Radiant in yellow


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