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I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

Five Nights of Sweating


Welcome to “Five Nights of Sweating” on the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast

A fever that doesn’t seem to want to go away; new music around the house; some terrible food. Maybe we can make the time pass quicker if we go to a grind core festival.

Is not wanted

  • I’ve got a fever that kept coming back


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Feeling feverish

  • For the first 3 nights it was up around 102-103 F
  • In addition to Tylenol, I started taking Advil as a fever reducer, then I woke up covered in sweat with a normal temperature
  • Then the next day it would began again
  • I had an epiphany to drink Gatorade

Catching up with Sonny

  • Sonny Rollins has got a mohawk, where i’m at in Saxophone Colossus
  • At his shows, he came out with the cowboy hat, then he would take that off and had the mohawk underneath

Burnin’ Up

  • I sweat through the sheets for the 4th night in a row
  • Disgusting: I smelled like a case of unwashed grapefruit with a sour whiff of spoilage or maybe more than that
  • As if someone left me in the back hall, not in the fridge. by the dumpster near some unnamed liquid.
  • I need a clean up

New Music

On the fifth night

  • I sweat through the bed on the fifth night and woke up drenched yet again


  • In frustration at not being able to cook for myself, I took the reins at dinner
  • I ended up making fried gnocchi with spinach, Garlic, tomato, cream, a can of sardines
  • It could have used acid like lemon juice or vinegar to offset the tinned fish. There was a lot of cream though
  • It was terrible. the kids wouldn’t eat it.
  • I thought to myself, “It is making your nails stronger and increasing your hair’s tensile ability”

Made it through

  • On the sixth night the fever evaporated and I woke up mostly dry

Grind core for the whole family

  • Gilman is hosting the Fast, Wierd and Freaky Festival this weekend
  • It’s all ages
  • I might still be a little too tired plus John John is maybe not ready
  • Maybe he’s not even ready to hear the band lineup read aloud

Dad Butt Dials Me

  • Dad is butt dialing me again
  • We watched John Voight & Jane Fonda in Coming Home

This Week’s Selfie

After Five Nights Of Sweating


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