What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

You’re Just Jealous

Welcome to “You’re Just Jealous” on the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast


My glasses, my walking stick, my car, my phone: everything is breaking down. My buddy’s offhand comment takes me back to a time when my defense was, “You’re just jealous!”

AI Is For The Birds

  • Shout out to Ashika who lol’d with me at how lame AI is, thanks for tuning in

Sandman and/or Uncle Dennis

  • Shout outs to the Sandman Uncle Dennis, no not THAT Uncle Dennis
  • also , why not, shout outs to THAT Uncle Dennis
  • but also to the Sandman Uncle Dennis
  • these are two different people
  • Shout outs to all the cult members

There’s So Much Going Wrong

  • I’m relying heavily on my family to function
  • i got my glasses and my car back and have ordered a new walking stick
  • My cane got adjusted too high. I think I did it when I was messing around with it- that made it very hard to walk. Then, I made it too low
  • My old brace is giving me fits and I have to go back to the cobbler
  • I went to get a new brace and it was a fiasco
  • I have so much going wrong that it is hard to look past it

The way he says it

  • I ate a Wingstop chicken sandwich mango habanero and lemon pepper fries and it sucked

Unknown Emotional Toll

  • I fell 3 times on Monday. One time I asked John to help me sit up

Reading the paper

zb10 tablet
  • I bought a tablet to read the newspaper for $50 and it worked out

Potty Mouth Actor


On the schoolyard

  • A buddy’s offhand comment about only children took me back in time
  • “You’re just jealous” used to be my only defense
  • “Who listens to you at that time of night?” – sorry Aunt Linda

This Week’s Selfie

you're just jealous selfie


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