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My glasses, my walking stick, my car, my phone: everything is breaking down. My buddy’s offhand comment takes me back to a time when my defense was, “You’re just jealous!”

AI Is For The Birds

  • Shout out to Ashika who lol’d with me at how lame AI is, thanks for tuning in

Sandman and/or Uncle Dennis

  • Shout outs to the Sandman Uncle Dennis, no not THAT Uncle Dennis
  • also , why not, shout outs to THAT Uncle Dennis
  • but also to the Sandman Uncle Dennis
  • these are two different people
  • Shout outs to all the cult members

There’s So Much Going Wrong

  • I’m relying heavily on my family to function
  • i got my glasses and my car back and have ordered a new walking stick
  • My cane got adjusted too high. I think I did it when I was messing around with it- that made it very hard to walk. Then, I made it too low
  • My old brace is giving me fits and I have to go back to the cobbler
  • I went to get a new brace and it was a fiasco
  • I have so much going wrong that it is hard to look past it

The way he says it

  • I ate a Wingstop chicken sandwich mango habanero and lemon pepper fries and it sucked

Unknown Emotional Toll

  • I fell 3 times on Monday. One time I asked John to help me sit up

Reading the paper

zb10 tablet
  • I bought a tablet to read the newspaper for $50 and it worked out

Potty Mouth Actor


On the schoolyard

  • A buddy’s offhand comment about only children took me back in time
  • “You’re just jealous” used to be my only defense
  • “Who listens to you at that time of night?” – sorry Aunt Linda

This Week’s Selfie

you're just jealous selfie
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