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Welcome to “Air Time” on the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast

Across the street they had that place with Coffee & Tea, remember that? It was coffee with a black tea bag in it.

Best Sauce In The World

Stay For The Selfies

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  • Makes No Sense: Is the plural of selfie also selfie?

Air Time

  • KFJC radio is an outlet for neurodiverse people and people with speaking differences and it has been that way for a long time
  • Shout outs to the people who download every episode
  • Watching the Special Olympics Opening Ceremony on ESPN
  • Disabled people can be hard to organize
  • I’m glad they got airtime

New glasses

air time glasses
  • Went to Costco and got new prescription & frames
  • I made Chili with chile de arbol in it

Good For Ex-New Yorkers

Paralyze my muscles

  • I went To the doctor to get botox
  • Botox is cosmetic but also relieves tension, llike spasticity caused by MS

I was embarrassed by my parents too

  • John was embarrassed to have me drop him at camp in my wheelchair

Salad is healthy

  • The internet thinks franks and beans are healthy

Pox on our house

  • Koko has Covid


  • Rollins plays with the Rolling Stones, uncredited, on Tattoo You

Don’t know how

  • I need to sell my car

Early fall

This week’s selfie

Hanging in there
I have that kind of voice that’s like “I’m recovering”
  • Shoutouts to Rocky. She told me she read a peer reviewed study that two consecutive nights of peanut butter a and jelly sandwiches can cause covid
  • My taste and smell is all messed up
  • We missed open house at the ki9d’s school
  • Kyle Damon Ranson’s project is years and the record is called rats yearsyearsyears.bandcamp.com
  • I bought it on Friday, Wet Leg too
I’m tweeting myself back to health
i got covid
i had a birthday dinner and didn’t wear a mask
  • Shout outs to the ceramicist brian R. Jones who likes the longer episodes- he makes the stuff at brianrjones.com
  • he hangs out in a ceramics studio. i attended Alfred University for a single semester and I got him and Steve there
  • try to calm down and go slower
  • I revisited the last night for dinner journal, it had been 13 months. Last night For dinner we had left over meatloaf and martini’s made with cheap gin but at least there was plenty of it
  • 5 oz gin to 1.5oz dry vermouth, garnished with banana peppers. it wasn’t very good
  • me & my wife: Ronin commonsense media sounds like the answer is, sounds fine/ no
  • bunch of ex-govt spies fighting over a briefcase
  • went over it last time: Elon musk is named after a smell, On the other hand John Hoppin is the name of a less wealthy and less popular smell that doesnt own twitter
  • I’m riding the exercise bike 2-3x per week
  • I got asked by another parent in San Leandro if it had happened to me recently and for a moment i wasnt sure if they meant the wheelchair or MS
  • i told them that i had the wheelchair almost a full year before i would ride it around in public
  • it was recommended to me by an occupational therapist at the stanford neuroscience a couple years before that
  • she told me it would help me get there- not spend my energy to get there
  • i’m tired of falling and hitting my head and having to get staples in my head
  • Reading foreign cuisine cookbooks- Ethiopian smoked milk or water
  • Going to dinner at a Moroccan restaurant on Saturday
  • My wife wanted to support the idea of journeying to Ethiopia
  • Roger Maris visited JFK in the white house in his capacity as MS Society’s national campaign co chairman in 1962
  • Last night for dinner and the night before i had pb&j for dinner
  • went to my 2nd kfjc meeting since corona, raided the spliff bin
  • Wet leg, kyle ranson
  • Took the kids to baseball, made dinner, all by myself but i had help. The burger place closed
  • i was afraid i would lose my license
  • Dmv worked
  • Hayward dmv was cool
  • the guy had a hat that said oldies car club and the bull was scrunched up like anthrax – he told me i should work there
  • so i’m afraid tommy lee jones is going to pull me out of line so he can show me some of his techniques
  • ignoring disabled people all the way up to euthanizing them are on a spectrum together (like the way microagression and out right aggression) are both kinds of discrimination
  • Need advice about a wheelchair lift for the car, i know there a re listeners who use wheelchairs, i need to get a machine that takes my chair out of the car bc i dont like someone doing it who is either a woman or older than me.
  • its for the optics
  • Have you heard the sound of the atmosphere dragging across the Earth
  • I went to birthday dinner in San Francisco
  • I had a 3 hour mri
  • Then i had rods drilled into my jaw
New tests show T cell immunity. PLUS New pee pill prescription, indoor cycling, and lonely birria.

New tests show T cell immunity

PLUS New pee pill prescription, indoor cycling, and lonely birria

Listen to T Cell Immunity, the newest episode of the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast.

  • Saw my neurologist
  • I have T cell immunity
  • r/multiplesclerosis
  • They prescribed me a drug for peeing oxybutinyn
  • He wants to see me virtually in 6 months, in person 6 after that, then repeat
  • Got new drink glasses at umami mart
  • My new recumbent bicycle is set up in the garage and I’m riding it
  • I made birria on a Wednesday It was depressing
  • But it smelled so good
  • I made pinto beans like it was Thanksgiving

Received: 3/14/2022 11:14 AM PDT
Dear John, This IGRA result proves you have developed Tcell immunity to the COVID coronavirus.
Great news, congratulations,
Very best of health, (name removed)

Note from my MS doctor
Getting outdoors, not rinsing the dishes, antibody test results, and staying simple in the kitchen

Omicron Isn’t Milder For Everyone

Reading op-eds, cooking borscht and wading through unpredictability

There’s a good article in the Times today about how immunosuppressed people like me remain at risk for covid even after vaccination, booster etc. It’s scary and presents big problems for me that aren’t going away.

I’m midway through making Hot Ukrainian Borscht.

I think People like watching sports because It’s something that has never happened before.

Everything is happening for the 1st time ever, and in sports its the same but it goes into the record books.

Its unpredictable… within a tightly regulated framework: the Rules.

Navigated by highly skilled individuals. One swing of the bat or the golf club is much like another but the results are night and day

Maybe that’s why people listen to the What’s the Matter With Me? Podcast.

Or theres maybe another reason, cant be too sure.

Lots of shoutouts for the new year, to the people who sent cards. I can’t remember the lady’s name, but I would officiate the wedding.

Remote work is like, you get a good job, go in to the office, its normal, it feels like a success then one day they send you home, like “devote half your house to us and dont come back here until we tell you” and they keep telling you to come back and then cancel at the last minute all “two weeks- i swear! I just need two weeks to straighten things out”

Its coronavirus day 7,000,000, again. just like every day

A meeting with my doctor brings me new understanding. I am on immunosuppressants. I am more likely to catch Covid-19 even though I am vaccinated.
  • I got a new primary care physician
  • Got the flu shot
  • Had a meeting with my doctor that convinced me that I am an immunosuppressed person
  • Been playing “Hamilton” tunes on the piano
  • Making dark, creepy music

At the Cobbler

Working on my brace. PLUS: summer camp, driving, Flip A Coin Day

Koko’s At Camp

Koko’s finally at Summer Camp. The frustration of being a disabled father during Covid-19 was intense. I have two hands but one isn’t very useful, leg is the same, so doing projects with either kid has been difficult. It feels like we’re about to turn a corner.

Getting My Confidence Back

I have been trying to get back the ability to drive again. I’ve been driving little drives every day. But yesterday, I drove 4 and half miles. I’m getting my confidence back.

Mel’s Shoe Clinic

I went to a cobbler, Mel’s Shoe Clinic in Castro Valley, to work on my AFO brace. He did a great job and it was a big revelation. It was fast, cheap, and easy, and I’ll definitely do it again.

Flip A Coin

June 1st, Koko’s birthday, is also national Flip A Coin Day. Go ahead and celebrate her belatedly.

Welcome to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast, “Paratransit Certified”

I’m Certified. PLUS Shout Outs, Jottings & More..

In this episode, I get certified for East Bay Paratransit. I’m fully vaccinated, and I’m ready to go back to the gym and the radio station after more than a year off due to Covid-19. Paratransit will help me get there. Shout outs to my art teacher, who steps in and gives me a little validation. I read some things I wrote down.


In this episode, we got vaccinated for Covid-19 at the Oakland Coliseum after hearing VP Harris had gotten involved there. The kids went with us, we drove up, it was easy, and when it was over it was a big relief. Plus, What I Had For Dinner Last Night and more.