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In “Drugged Out,” a short episode featuring wine delivery, toilet paper shortage and trigeminal neuralgia pain medication.

Long Time

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Green fluid

Cuts in my hands have been getting infected and filling with green goop

In Our Cups

We got the wine delivery, man, and the wine deliveryman was in his 20s, maybe his mid-20s, and he was really upset about global warming. “Things aren’t l really pleasant anymore,” he said.

I felt for him. “I feel for you,” I said

Toilet Paper Shortage

We still have a case of Bulgarian toilet paper that has no perforations and ripping it feels like tearing up someone’s college application, or well-qualified resume printed out on nice paper.

Remember back in 2020, when there wasn’t toilet paper? We bought a case of Bulgarian toilet paper and it was like riving a sheet of Bristol board to rip a sheet off. There were no perforations, it was 80% normal size so it didn’t fit on the roll,

Thing I Know

I watched the “Taylor Swift: Eras” movie with Koko, so I know about Taylor Swift now. Not sure what, but I know it. The movie is long, but not as long as “Killers of the Flower Moon.” She gets into slang patterns thata made me uncomfortable. To get it going, I had to figure out my Disney Plus login credentials, and that, in itself, is a big bonus.

Electric Wire Buried In Flesh

I’m drugged out!

I experienced severe face pain once before bedtime, and then many times (a couple dozen?) after 4am. I cut out coffee, ibuprofen and started going up on my medicine that day, settling on twice of my usual dosage. That was too much, and I became extremely drowsy and experienced visual, balance and energy side affects. Eventually I settled around 175% of my usual dose, which. for the moment, is keeping the pain away and limiting the worst side effects.

Surgery is next week, my third RF rhizotomy. I knew this treatment could recur and that it was not necessarily permanent. Let’s hope the third time’s the charm.

I’m drugged out!

Chapter List

swift correction cover

In “Swift Correction,” Taylor Swift wrote all the songs, hoping everything’s okay, and a sprained knee. But first, I’m programming robots to do my bidding! I can feel it– success is near at hand.

Automaton I

I spent all day working on an automation to send posts created on the Hoppin Hot Sauce blog out to the mailing list automatically. Automations help multiply my actions which is important so I can conserve energy and avoid fatigue that comes with MS. Hopefully, I can stay in better touch with the hot sauce audience.

Automaton II

Swift Correction selfie

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Cool thing

blue placard
Hoppin Hot Sauce is a disabled owned & operated business

Shoppers at our Amazon store support disabled-owned business

Hope everything’s okay

About the time when we were driving and we saw two fire trucks and an ambulance.

My wife said. “I hope everything’s okay.”

To which I replied, “Clearly, it isn’t.”

Correction: Taylor Swift wrote all the songs

Correction: Taylor Swift wrote all the songs

My wife texted: “The standard edition of 1989 (Taylor’s Version) comprises 21 tracks: re-recordings of the 13 songs from the standard edition of 1989, re-recordings of the three bonus tracks from the original deluxe edition, and five previously unreleased “From the Vault” songs that were written for the 2014 album but excluded from the final track list. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1989_(album) I don’t think the Taylor’s version are covers.”

Of course, she was right. I tried to explain it in the episode, but it’s really very complicated.

Path of pain

The path of pain began when I sprained my knee. Unfortunately, I fell in my bathroom, and bent it the wrong way. After that, I was leaning heavily on my cane, which caused soreness in my left pectoral area. The pain traveled from there down my arm, stopping in my bicep, forearm, wrist and hand.

It was painful, like sitting cross-legged but the heel goes outward instead of inward. The bruise was on the inside of my knee. Recovery proceeds, slowly, haltingly; I’m trying to stay off of it as much as I can.

Bueller… Bueller…

ferris bueller attendance

I’m practicing for the CBEST California substitute teacher exam.

swift correction cover
Correction: Taylor Swift wrote all the songs

Chapter List

Taylor Swift
Hoppin Hot Sauce
MS (Multiple Sclerosis)
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Pain Management
Substitute Teacher Exam (CBEST)

poop burrito cover

Welcome to “Poop Burrito” on the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast

The tortilla is fine. Maybe you can save the lettuce. In a poop burrito, you have to go through the layers.

My trigeminal neuralgia pain came back and so this episode is a bit like a poop burrito. I was in the hospital last weekend, and they changed up my medications to get me out of pain. A couple of days ago I saw the surgeon and I’m going to have another rhizotomy next week.

Big Shoutouts

  • Shoutouts to Nathan. His message: “Just wanted to say congratulations. On April 28th the what’s the matter with me Podcast will be 6 years old! Keep it up buddy. And Hoppin Hot Sauce is the best sauce in the world.”

I did one thing right

  • You couldn’t sing to March’s theme song candidate

Speaking the unspeakable

  • You are not allowed to call yourself a Bohemian– It’s not a thing you can call yourself. Lazy hippie is more like it

Round and vacant

  • The security check said, “Click all the pictures with a donut” but it seemed like some of them were bagels

I Was That Guy

  • When my family was in Japan, the kitten didn’t come in one night. Then, I got in my wheelchair and rolled around calling for my cat.


  • Of the remaining Beatles that are still alive, we have the best one and the worst one. JK *ducking*.

Boil Water Warning

  • No one takes Cam Likely’s phone calls

Smooth sounds

  • I want to hear elevator music, and I walk out and my wife is playing some violin concerto

Competition begins

  • It’s little league baseball season again and the game is a little more recognizable, pitchers are starting to pitch better, more towards the plate

Sonny in Europe

  • Its 1959, and Sonny Rollins is going to Europe. Back in the states, he’s jamming with Bob Dorough & Mose Allison at the jazz loft. Then, he goes on sabbatical and climbs onto the Williamsburg bridge to practice without disturbances.

Visual Rhyme Time

This Week’s Selfie

poop burrito selfie
Poop Burrito Selfie
No More Painkillers cover
NO MORE PAINKILLERS: After successful surgery, I’m off of painkillers for the first time in seven years.

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast, “No More Painkillers”

It’s a big day for me because I’m finally free of trigeminal neuralgia pain after successful rhizotomy surgery last month. It’s been seven years that I’ve been battling the disease and it feels like a major victory.

  • Shoutouts to Jersey Girl who told me about the Superfest Disability Film Festival happening in Berkeley & San Francisco later this month.
  • Claude Hopper wrote in to say he had a Chubb Rock record
  • Year Of The Tiger by Alice Wong
  • I sent Original Flavor to Amazon for restocking
  • Help support the kids’ school fundraiser by using this link to look through the catalog. for chocolates
  • ICYMI: I recommend the Gary Cannone Interview Special
  • I’m off pills and in withdrawal again – but its GOOD- I can go to my right better and stand on my own 2 feet’ easier
  • I am tolerating alcohol a little better so i can split a bottle of wine with dinner
    • Knock on wood- famous Last words- throwing triple hexes over my left shoulder
  • I am not adult enough to appear in a zoom meeting
  • Musk is back at it
  • A picture is worth a lot of these
  • “Last night for dinner” Journal: Cauliflower pasta
  • We’re going to the ranch

This Week’s Selfie

No More Painkillers selfie
It’s wild

Trigeminal neuralgia hurts like hell. I’m going to have micro vascular decompression surgery, get out of pain, get off these pain medications, and contribute to my family again.

I signed up to have surgery. They’re going to pop a hole in my skull and operate on my trigeminal nerve. It’s called micro vascular decompression surgery.

Read more

Pain / Withdrawal Cycle

Swallowing Evaluation AKA Diagnostic Fluoroscopy

Had pain and went to the Nurse Practitioner ..

Medication (mis-)management traps me in the the pain & withdrawal cycle. Read more for my visit to the nurse practicioner, diagnostic fluoroscopy, postlude with John John & more.

Read more
“Face hurts … Tomorrow is Koko’s 3rd Birthday”

Man!– I have trigeminal neuralgia, my face hurts. Ow! The kids had to go away, it hurt so bad I couldn’t handle it and I freaked out. I’ve been staring at plants in the garden. I grilled chicken for the whole family, had dinner and couldn’t eat it, because my face hurt. Tomorrow is Koko’s third birthday.

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WTMWM 35 – S2, E5: Pain is bearable

  • Welcome to Whats The matter with me Season 2, Episode 5: Pain is bearable
  • My name is John I’m 39 years old husband father of two small business owner radio DJ podcaster and I have multiple sclerosis, so I made this podcast to share what I’m going through
  • What’s the matter with me is an MS podcast and it’s also about other things. I’m not a medical professional and you should not take this for medical advice.  However, if you need medical advice, ask your healthcare provider.
  • Download The what’s the matter with Me podcast on Apple podcasts and Whatsthematterwithme.org


Shoutouts to rocky Nate and joe.


Last episode episode 4 I was in so much pain. It almost made me angry but I think it was making me crazy. I was just writhing in pain check it out it’s an interesting listen.

Writhing in pain

My last episode was kind of terrible because I was just in pain so much but this episode I can report that my pain level has downgraded from extreme pain to intense pain and maybe even bearable. Definitely bearable I’m going to put it in the bearable category and no one can stop me because it’s my podcast. It’s bearable

Crunked Out, or Up

I’m in the process of changing my trigeminal neuralgia medication. In order to do that I am currently taking both my old medication and the new medication. Since they both have a sedative effect it’s I’m very crunked out. Or crunked up I’m not sure how the direction works there

Coaches Jackets

Coaches jacket. I went to Oakland and pick them up this morning. It was very tiring because like I said I’m totally crunked up or possibly out. It was a lot of driving and I hope I don’t have to drive a lot more today

LA Look

I’m trapped in a bubble in the hair gel, because I’m overmedicated.

Making music

Joe was in my high school band. It was called okra blues and it was mostly Modeled after the Jon Spencer Blues explosion and RL Burnside. It was punk rock blues.  He took his shirt off at the catholic school.

Nowadays We Jam Together

Nowadays We Jam together and I don’t play a lot really anymore. I’ve listened a lot. My approaches different and it is more like meditation and exercising acceptance of the sounds I’m making.

Accessible keyboard

I’m using a ROLI Seaboard, an accessible keyboard with different ways of striking notes and making sound.  It’s good to have an instrument to play.

Good to be alive

It’s good to be alive. I’m grateful for my family and friends. Every day’s a new opportunity.7 things are changing with my pain situation it is evolving in the new medication seems to be starting to work.