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I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.


In “Drugged Out,” a short episode featuring wine delivery, toilet paper shortage and trigeminal neuralgia pain medication.

Long Time

Subscribers get the selfie for as long as we all shall live. It’s a lifetime subscription

Green fluid

Cuts in my hands have been getting infected and filling with green goop

In Our Cups

We got the wine delivery, man, and the wine deliveryman was in his 20s, maybe his mid-20s, and he was really upset about global warming. “Things aren’t l really pleasant anymore,” he said.

I felt for him. “I feel for you,” I said

Toilet Paper Shortage

We still have a case of Bulgarian toilet paper that has no perforations and ripping it feels like tearing up someone’s college application, or well-qualified resume printed out on nice paper.

Remember back in 2020, when there wasn’t toilet paper? We bought a case of Bulgarian toilet paper and it was like riving a sheet of Bristol board to rip a sheet off. There were no perforations, it was 80% normal size so it didn’t fit on the roll,

Thing I Know

I watched the “Taylor Swift: Eras” movie with Koko, so I know about Taylor Swift now. Not sure what, but I know it. The movie is long, but not as long as “Killers of the Flower Moon.” She gets into slang patterns thata made me uncomfortable. To get it going, I had to figure out my Disney Plus login credentials, and that, in itself, is a big bonus.

Electric Wire Buried In Flesh

I’m drugged out!

I experienced severe face pain once before bedtime, and then many times (a couple dozen?) after 4am. I cut out coffee, ibuprofen and started going up on my medicine that day, settling on twice of my usual dosage. That was too much, and I became extremely drowsy and experienced visual, balance and energy side affects. Eventually I settled around 175% of my usual dose, which. for the moment, is keeping the pain away and limiting the worst side effects.

Surgery is next week, my third RF rhizotomy. I knew this treatment could recur and that it was not necessarily permanent. Let’s hope the third time’s the charm.

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