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I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.


Thank you for tuning in to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast.

JOHN HOPPIN: Thank you for tuning in to the What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast.

My name is John, I’m 41 years old, husband and father of two. Small business owner, radio DJ, podcaster. And, I have multiple sclerosis, so I made this podcast to share what I’m going through. The old episodes can be found on Apple Podcasts, at whatsthematterwithme.org, wherever you listen to podcasts, it’s there.

It’s loud outside today, there’s birds, there’s planes, there’s people in the yard landscaping, blowers and stuff. It’s fall and leaves are falling in the wind so things are happening. So, that means wind chimes. Yeah. So, it’s loud outside today. So, I’m going to put myself in an automotive machine shop to try and cover up the noise. It’s nice out here. It’s sunny. It’s low seventies and it’s not very smoky today. So, I’ll take it.

Shout outs to Rocky. Thank you for listening, Rocky. She’s been listening since the first episodes. She was one of the people, I emailed her when I first started this, I didn’t know anything about how podcasts work. So, I just started recording things into my phone and emailing them to people. That’s episode one, check it out, it’s in the back episodes.

Last time I talked about the Cedar Room in Campbell, that it was a new account for Hoppin Hot Sauce, well, they reordered and I delivered yesterday. So, shout out. I saw Louis there. Louis is the chef. He’s been my original account at Park Station Hashery. It was good to see him; it was good to see someone you know, even if they have a mask on, in the middle of the delivery. To see a friend of mine was cool.

The KFJC fundraiser is going on for the whole month of October, go to KFJC.org/donate and support community adio. You get a cool t-shirt while you’re at it. Shows people you have heard of our radio station and perhaps listen to it even.

I told you last time about my telemedicine appointment, it went pretty well. It was kind of weird. Of course, I went to the wrong link and there was an information technology kerfluffle and the lady, the nurse called me and was like, “Where are you?” And, I was like, “What?” I thought…” Anyway, it got figured out it was a good meeting with my doctor. Probably the most interesting thing that happened was when I asked him if I was extra susceptible to coronavirus because of my pre-existing condition of Multiple Sclerosis. You hear about it on the news people with preexisting conditions are vulnerable and I’m thinking, “Well, I have MS.”

So, I was freaked out because of the medication. I know that MS is about your immune system and the medication effects that. He gave me good news though, he said that I personally, and I’m not, this is not a prescription for you. This is about me personally. Ask your doctor. He said that I personally am not at increased risk for hospitalization because the medication I take works on my B cells and that part of my immune system. But, that my T cells were not effected and those were the ones that would marshal my immune system response. So, that was a huge relief.

I’ve been afraid that if I contracted coronavirus, and my immune system wouldn’t respond and I would die. And, I don’t have any big plans in mind for changing my behavior, it’s all about wash hands and wear a mask. But, that news is a relief. So, it was a good thing.

I purchased some music, downloaded it and they’ll be sending me an LP as well from a thing called Sahel Sounds on Band Camp. They were having one of those pay what you will sales. So, they come out with these really interesting compilations of music that I guess they download from Saharan cell phones. I bought a compilation called music from Satharan WhatsApp. I listened to it, it’s amazing. I also bought a record of a guy, he’s from Africa playing electronic music on organ. Kind of minimal unreleased recordings from 1981 to 1984 by this dude. I was, “This is a great sound.” Sahel Sounds. It’s cool sound. So, I’m excited to have that.

Anyway, thanks for listening. What’s The Matter With Me? is in there. Just tell your digital assistant to play What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast and it will do it. That is one thing they have figured out.

Thank you for tuning into the What’s The Matter With Me? podcast. Catch you next time.


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