Omicron Isn’t Milder For Everyone


Omicron Isn’t Milder For Everyone

Reading op-eds, cooking borscht and wading through unpredictability

There’s a good article in the Times today about how immunosuppressed people like me remain at risk for covid even after vaccination, booster etc. It’s scary and presents big problems for me that aren’t going away.

I’m midway through making Hot Ukrainian Borscht.

I think People like watching sports because It’s something that has never happened before.

Everything is happening for the 1st time ever, and in sports its the same but it goes into the record books.

Its unpredictable… within a tightly regulated framework: the Rules.

Navigated by highly skilled individuals. One swing of the bat or the golf club is much like another but the results are night and day

Maybe that’s why people listen to the What’s the Matter With Me? Podcast.

Or theres maybe another reason, cant be too sure.

Lots of shoutouts for the new year, to the people who sent cards. I can’t remember the lady’s name, but I would officiate the wedding.

Remote work is like, you get a good job, go in to the office, its normal, it feels like a success then one day they send you home, like “devote half your house to us and dont come back here until we tell you” and they keep telling you to come back and then cancel at the last minute all “two weeks- i swear! I just need two weeks to straighten things out”

Its coronavirus day 7,000,000, again. just like every day

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