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Seeing hardcore punk-noise veterans Lightning Bolt play at New Parish in Oakland for my first show since the start of the pandemic.

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season Six, Episode 13, “Lightning Bolt”

In this episode I got out of my house and saw a Lightning Bolt show, which was a big success. I used a ride service, ate a pre-show dinner, and hustled to the club, where they gave me a seat right next to the band.

  • Shoutouts: to the librarian who roped me into the compulsory ideas & cultural indoctrination book club!
  • I will survive my symbolic journey to Siberia as I read this book about prehistory somehow, the same book as everyone else
  • I went to see Lightning Bolt
  • Everyone in the family is out of town today
  • My wife asked me before she left, what was my menu plan? and I hadn’t thought about it
  • I made barbecued steak and spring onions yesterday- and some real hot salsa
  • I got a turkey sandwich, some beans, avocados, tortillas & cheese at the corner grocery. They have different varieties of beans down there.
  • Remember Hare Krishna’s at the airport? I guess it’s sad that the kids won’t have that
  • Social media is QVC interspersed with pictures of your friends

I went to the show

  • I used the Gogo Grandparent app which could just as easily be called Ride-O’s
  • It was around $30 round trip
  • I went to Low Bar , where I had a burger and a drink before the show
  • Brian Chippendale is hardcore drummer, as opposed to a jazz drummer
  • Lightning Bolt’s change of pace is between-song banter
  • Brian Chippendale recorded a station ID for KFJC after
  • The old ranting guy was drunk and ranting outside the club, he stood by the fire hydrant. I looked at him and realized we were the same age
  • Blue Hills by Michael Hurley was on as I put this together, it’s a new repress from Mississippi Records. he warbles a lot and the recording has many homespun touches.. you could see it as a bum trip, but I encourage thinking about with nostalgia. It’s very warm that way.
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