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Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Season Six, Episode 14, “Return To The Radio”

In this episode, I went to the first radio station staff meeting since coronavirus, something I’ve dearly missed since the start of the pandemic.

I went to the KFJC station meeting- I made my Return To The Radio! But first..

  • Lady asked to help me put my shoe on outside the big-box appliance store. I said no
  • Algorithms reduce agency- they do it for you
  • Tiger woods finished the masters, all 72 holes
  • I’ve compartmentalized a lot of stuff in my life, it works for me. Take the good with the bad
  • In The New York Times focus group, They kept defining being a man as providing for your family, but I feel like my main role in our family is a supportive one I do think that I provide for them spiritually, and since that is most important of all maybe I am providing
  • Reddit replies to Oscar’s slap
  • I went to the first KFJC staff meeting since coronavirus
  • I think it’s important to compartmentalize things and be grateful for what you have
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