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I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

Midwestern Concepts

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At the first What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast Listener Appreciation Party, everyone gets their own booth

Welcome to What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast, “Midwestern Concepts”

Continuing my transition away from the protracted intense pain of Trigeminal Neuralgia that my successful rhizotomy has brought me. In this episode, I explore Midwestern Concepts such as the work of the artist Marc Fischer and holding a listener appreciation party/convention at a hotel ballroom in Chicago. I think the thing is, it’s centrally located, and I’ve never hung out there.

  • Sending huge geographical shout outs to listeners from 32 states in the last 28 days
  • Mega large shout outs to the people who donated to the school fundraiser. the fund rager *angry scream* Thank you for supporting the fundraiser, helping my kids do their part to help pay for unfunded programs at the school. I amalgamated them and created a genderless combination being. It’s unclear if that affected donations one way or another
  • email me via the contact form and tell me exactly what you are thinking and don’t leave anything out

Midwestern Concepts 1 & 2

  • Midwestern concepts #1: Marc Fischer / Public Collectors/ Half Letter Press’ new Protest Grim Reapers book
  • Midwestern concepts #2: What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast listener convention in chicago. *conference sounds* We rent a hotel ballroom. Everyone gets a booth. *ooh* I meet everyone. *aah* Guided meditations, *om* Accessible yoga, *sitar sounds* WTMWM? Live! *game show* door prizes- experimental trash punk bands *applause* cash- *ch-ching* gifts!
  • *orchestra tuning* A theory of the musically sublime at Stanford on friday
  • I pumped my own gas! Which is another one of these activities where you have to stand there the whole time. once I stopped taking anticonvulsants I was able to drive again
  • Lifeline crisis chat suicide prevention hotline (accepts texts): 1-800-273-8255

Very stable genius

  • I can do different things that seem to be helping me have core stability. I can step forward and land more naturally without in-toeing, flex my glutes and tighten my abs, and I can do it with increasing coordination. I can walk faster
  • I went to the kids team photoshoots and I walked up there by myself, I didn’t use my chair. I used my stick and sat on the bleachers while the kids were out on the field with the photographers
  • I walked to the bathroom which was over on the other side of the baseball field
  • The family piled in the car. family vacation time vroom
  • We went to the ranch and had paella and the kids roasted apples in the fire.
  • Koko had ash on her face
  • I want to go to the kfjc staff meeting, and there are 2 main obstacles- 1. long drive & 2. walk from car to the auditorium to the station and back.
  • I went to the nursery and the library and walked around those places- picked up the food lab J. Kenji Lopez-Alt book (a six and a half pound tome)
  • I’m going to walk at the market this weekend
  • carbamazepine side effects: confusion, balance

This Week’s Selfie

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Midwestern Concepts


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