What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

Amazon Seller Quickbooks Integration

In this episode,

  • Where’s your head at?
  • I need to record my activity as an Amazon seller in Quickbooks. It’s creating stress.
  • I ran into a lady at the gym and forgot her name. Her name rhymed with her husband’s and was ambiguously gendered.

Listen to the episode to hear how it all went down.


JOHN HOPPIN: Where’s your head at? It’s here. Hey where’s your head at? It’s here. On my, on my neck. On top of my neck. In some ways in retrospect it seems so simple to write a massive hit. Where’s your- singing Where’s your foot at? It’s on the bottom of your leg. You have two of them. Anyways.
What’s the matter with me? I wanted to check in here. Really what’s going on with me is I’m kind of feeling isolated. And I think it has to do with not being able to get my communication out there and really that all has to do with that I’ve gotten sidetracked about trying to go on Amazon and in order to sell Hoppin Hot Sauce on Amazon, I have to have what’s called a Quickbooks Integration. Anyway, I have to get Amazon to be like, “You sold this,” and my Quickbooks to like be like. “Oh I did?” and write it down for me. The accounting is like mindnumbingly complicated. And I’ve been stuck trying to figure out what Quickbooks Integra- What I could use to integrate my amazon into my Quickbooks. and that sounds about as great as it sounds. But I ‘ve been really stuck there and it’s making it hard for me to like sell my product on Amazon, because I don’t want to sell a lot, because I have to figure out how to account for it and it’s kind of bottlenecking me in a way and I can’t figure out what integration to use and it’s really stressing me out and I really wanna make the Pepper Show and other stuff in the way of doing that but I’m spending my time trying to think about accounting. Which how would you feel if you. I’m not an accountant. How would you feel if you spend all your time trying to figure it out? Man. It’s awfully complicated. I just need to know what integration to choose. There are a lot of different choices. And I don’t understand what’s different or which ones I should use. And it’s not like like Shopify, that was easy. I had friends who used Shopify. They were like, “you should use shopify to sell Hoppin Hot Sauce online.” Boom, did it- easy.
Quickbooks Amazon Seller Integration, I haven’t been able to figure that one out. I don’t have a guide, and what’s available online is a bunch of people’s different opinions. Surprise, surprise!
Well anyways, What’s The Matter With Me? Podcast, my name is John, I’m a husband, father, small business owner, radio Dj, podcaster, and I have multiple sclerosis. I made this podcast to share what I’m going through. But like I said, today. It’s all accounting. It’s awful. I wanna try and s top talking about that now. What about that Where’s your head at stuff earlier? It reminded me. I went to the ymca. Not the ymca, I went to the private health club. I t’s.. it’s new to me, it’s different so it’s kind weird and challenging but there’s new experiences like they’re older people at the private health club. And that’s cool. I’m older so but they’re older than me- they come from an older generation and people from different generations have different names like my generation you had hippie names kids sprinkled in there because their parents were hippies in the seventies and they were trying to just keep it going I guess. Keep the- guard the stone. Keep the hippie bonfire burning man so they have different names but older than me. You know like people that ‘re born in the twenties and thirties to have different names at one of the things.
They have for those kind of people is often have names that are not assigned, the the gender assignation differs. So like, for example. I met this lady and her husband’s name was Larry, and I was like – I met them both, and I was like, oh great, and then I promptly forgot t he woman’s name and I remembered only that it rhymed with her husband’s- her husband’s- it rhymed with her husband’s name, and it too was a man’s name. Okay. So that’s all, until. I see this- fast-forward some weeks, I see this lady and I’m like “Hey nice to see you again.” Your know cause we had a short conversation before like, ” Hey nice to see you again.” We’re in the gym. You know and they work out there. One of my other workout buddies was like, “They’re aging in place.” and it’s like, that’s the the thing with S an Leandro. S o, alright then, big up them. But they’re- they’re up there and the woman her name rhymes with her husband Larry’s, and it’s a man’s name also. So I ‘m just like, I see her again. I’m like, “Hey how are you nice to see you. What was your name again Is it Jerry?” She’s like, “no.” I’m all, “Is it Gary?” She looks at me. She’s like- and in my head I’m like , “Oh, Gary- Gary is not one of those you idiot.” It rhymes, rhymes with Larry but it’s not one of the man’s. I don’t think older women are named Gary. Anyway. When I asked her, you should have seen the look on her face. I was like, “Is your name Gary?” She was like, “Noo.” And I was like, “Oh, whoops.” and and she was like, “My name’s Terry.” And I almost wanted to be like, “N ow, t hat is a man’s name, you see where I ‘m going with that. Gary wasn’t that crazy. Terry is a man’s name and you know I’m always trying to remember people’s names, and so I’m like, “Oh soft like the towel- terry. Nice to meet you Terry again. Let me remember that. Not Gary, not Jerry. Could be Jerry, right? Like, That’s like a woman’s name from an older generation i s Jerry. Terry i s like a wrestler’s name, right? Anyhow. He was great to meet Terry again. And I saw her this morning when I worked out and I saw Larry. So big up Terry and Larry. Man.

It was kind of embarrassing. I guess that’s What’s the matter with me? podcast. Thanks for tuning in. I’ll check you next time. Hey if you know anything about Amazon integrations you’re just like everyone else on the internet. Anyway send me an email. I’ll give you a shoutout. Figure out which Amazon integration. I’m an amazon seller. And i need to integrate with Quickbooks online. So figure that one out for me. Gimme advice. Use the contact form. It’s what’s the matter with me? Get it on the internet. Peace .


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