What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

wheelchair dig cover

In “Wheelchair Dig,” a dinner party, shout outs and a family trip to the record store.

Amidst discussions on music finds, including Eminem and Taylor Swift covers, touching on the disappearance of People’s Park, radio’s outreach to marginalized communities, and the place of ‘inspirational’ content in disability culture.

Canvas for hot sauce

We had our neighbors over for dinner last night and we made pulled pork sandwiches and coleslaw. The kind of thing just perfect for hot sauce.

All-KFJC Shouts

Shout out to the sandman who wrote in for a fresh fish recommendation in the South Bay. So I gave up all my spots to him?

Shout out to Jersey girl and Max level

There’s only one way

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Wheelchair dig

Amoeba Records Berkeley

Went record shopping at Amoeba in my wheelchair with the family


I found a 3cd set of Codona on ECM used / don cherry nana vasconcelos and collin wallcott. It’s proto-‘world music’

my son got eminem’s “Marshall Mathers 2”. he is having emotional problems, so I see why he is connecting with this.

My wife and my daughter went in on the taylor swift covers cd taylor’s version – electropop, powerful music – the frequencies are on blast, it peels your eyelids back and curls your eyelashes. plenty rizz, more drip than expected, pretty obvious why she’s a spectacular pop star

people’s park is gone – three cops guarding the shipping containers blockading it – bad vibes

Inspiration to who?

Is There A Healthy Place For ‘Inspirational’ In Disability Culture? Andrew Pulrang

Disabled people have complicated relationships with a lot of words. But the one word other than “disability” itself disabled people feel most intensely about may be the word “inspirational.”

Andrew Pulrang


wheelchair dig art
Digging in the crates

The radio and other broadcast media is egalitarian in the way it approaches disabled people and unpopular people. The voice on the radio is the companion that they have. Homeless people, weirdos, prisoners, anyone who tunes in can listen

On that note, email me

wheelchair dig cover tw
Digging in the crates

Chapter List

People’s Park
Disability culture
Andrew Ang
Ella Young
Radio broadcasting
Amoeba Berkeley (record store)
Hoppin Hot Sauce
Record shopping
Multiple sclerosis
Trigeminal neuralgia
Taylor Swift
Hip hop


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