What's The Matter With Me? Podcast

I have multiple sclerosis, trigeminal neuralgia and I made this podcast to share what I’m going through.

The Music Episode

In “The Music Episode:” “Let’s Paint TV,” Ludacris color story meme, and keeping the kids in their rooms by tuning in to Day Of Noise on KZSU.

When life gives you shoes.. make shoeanade

The new shoes that I got in the last episode are working out. They’re made by a company called Drew

I swear it’s true

Semi-transparent guitarist playing a record store “in store” gig with red paint scrawled all over its face

This is the music episode

Spicy Roasted Pistachio Nuts

kikunae ikeda

The Spicy Roasted Pistachios with Hoppin Hot Sauce Extra Hot came out but there was one problem – i couldn’t stop eating them – we’ll eat them at the Super Bowl, if they last that long

I’m writing an email blast about them, and I made some cool collages, like this one, of the guy who coined the term ‘umami’

Umami means “delicious taste.” in Japanese.

The Struggle Is Real

If Sisyphus was alive today, he could have a podcast about going up the hill and rolling the boulder over and AI would say it was a multi-faceted discourse.


It helps when I search for stuff using my wheelchair not walking around. BC then I actually look around, instead of focusing on walking, trying not to fall, as usual.

Berkeley Rock Stars

I got a fragment of The time of your life Green Day song stuck in my head, but only the title, and even that I got wrong.

Not Like The Others

If you’re like, “This certainly isn’t like another podcast,” make sure to subscribe to get the selfie.

Here Be The River Of Pain

Changes in the weather: the atmospheric river pointed at California is screwing with my face a bit. Stinging me, stabbing me – out of nowhere.

Ultimately Very Listenable

Thiis is from “Let’s Paint TV,” hosted by the Los Angeles artist John Kilduff. Once the novelty of his multidisciplinary multitasking wore off, which, I admit, took a while, I found it soothing and ultimately very listenable. He has an etsy store, with lots of items for sale at a very reasonable prices considering the obvious talent involved. For real – I mean, could you do this? I couldn’t, and I appreciate him for what he has done.

Appealing Color Story Hip Hop Rap Ludacris Meme

mauve birch meme

I created the Ludacris meme “Mauve birch”

My Children Were On Lockdown

day of noise 2024

It was the day of noise on KZSU. The 24-hour live marathon of noise and experimental sounds kept the kids out of the main room of the house, in their rooms with the doors firmly shut, pretty much all day.

Keeping It Going

escalo frio

On the day after Day Of Noise, my daughter had a playdate. While it was going on, I put on Escalo Frio by Otto Von Shirach which was more of the same. Escalo frio means shiver in Spanish. The record features an appearance by Matmos. Before putting it on I told my wife it was dance music and I admit, that was misleading.

No Test Drive

Abilities expo isn’t happening in the bay area this year but it is happening in Los Angeles in mid March. I can get another of the same wheelchair that I already have, however I would like to have a chance to look at the options in a hands-on way.

The Music Episode Selfie

the music  episode selfie
The Music Episode Selfie

One More Time

This is the music episode.

Semi-transparent guitarist playing a record store “in store” gig with red paint scrawled all over its face

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