I’m in recovery again

I'm in recovery again

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I had microvascular decompression surgery to alleviate trigeminal neuralgia, and now I’m in recovery again.


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It’s pretty windy. I am recovering from surgery again. I’m here at the back of my house. You can hear the chimes and the wind going through the Yuzu tree in my backyard. I’m recovering from microvascular decompression surgery again. They went in through the back of my skull and adjusted the trigeminal nerve. I’m not really sure what they did because I haven’t had my followup. I’ll have that in the beginning of March, which is still three weeks away or more, and but the bottom line is once again, I’m free from pain. I’m very traumatized from last time because I was free from pain last time and then pain came back… I had a relapse. I had a recurrence that hurt me. so I’m scared. I’m traumatized about it.

Although the procedure I underwent is not a temporary procedure, it does have a risk of failure or risk of relapse.

So what I’m hoping is that a lot going to relapse. That’s kind of my focus and I don’t know if that’s getting to be true. I’m not really sure what kind of conceptual framework to put around it. I probably should talk to my therapist about this directly, my talk therapist, and maybe the surgeon and his nurse may have some suggestions. So the bottom line is I can talk, I can eat, I can brush my teeth, I can take a shower, I can have wind on my face. Everything good. Everything is operating 100%.

If I touch my cheek by my cheekbone, it’s a little bit different on the right cheek to the left cheek, but the difference is so minute it’s difficult to put into words. I don’t really want to talk about it anyway. I just want to never think about it again. I’m sure you can understand. I will talk about it though. I’m sure you can probably guess that though, because I talk about everything. All right. Anyway, I’m recovering. I’m still taking Tylenol, but I think that I will stop doing that sooner rather than later and I’m taking less Tylenol from that they prescribed me at the beginning. I probably should stop taking it. Anyhow, Tylenol.

I’m going to get my stitches out on Thursday.

Today’s Tuesday, so in a couple days. I’ll get them out. That would be good. I’ll hit up Big Elvis and I’d go to the barbershop, shout to the barber, Big Elvis. Yeah, I’m recovering from surgery again. They removed, I guess I have a titanium mesh holding the bone in in the back of my skull or something and that seems about right. There’s nothing mushy back there. But I’m not in a rush to palpate the area because it’s recovering. I really hope I don’t get visited by horrible anxiety. I want to avoid that. Maybe I’ll get into March Madness so I’ll make a bracket. I’ll just copy president Obama’s bracket because he knows more than I do. I’ll change something. I’ll put San Jose State in there.

I’m recovering. I have cut my intake of pain medications by about a quarter. I cut one by a quarter, and the other one that’s very narcotic by one-third. So I’m getting there. They didn’t instruct me to cut that narcotic one, but I had to because it was giving me double vision and it was too much. So I had to come down off the drug dosage. So I’m down from surgery, not all the way. We’ll see what happens with that. My doctor told me they’d do that. We’ll talk about that again in a couple days. But she’ll tell me what’s up and it’ll be moving forward.

A good thing is I can talk to you

A good thing is I can talk to you, I can talk to my family. I can talk to whoever I want to. It’s great. So that’s great. Thankful for that. Now I’m going to go. Thank you for listening to What’s The Matter With me? Podcast. Straight up and down, it’s Hoppin Hot Sauce every time.


Yeah. HoppinHotSauce.com. Check it out. Thank you for listening to the What’s The Matter With me? Podcast. Recovering from surgery again.

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